Dexheim’s Anderson Barracks is located approximately 25 miles east of Bad Kreuznach on Highway B-420. Dexheim is located 15 miles south of Mainz, 25 miles southwest of Frankfurt, and 25 miles northeast of Bad Kreuznach. Dexheim is a small village situated near the Rhein River in the heart of the Rheinhessen wine District.

Dexheim is the home of the 123rd Main Support Battalion and the 501st Military Intelligence Battalion. Dexheim AST is not closing. It was placed under the command and control of the 221st Base Support Battalion located in Wiesbaden.

Anderson Barracks has a small, modern exchange, commissary, post office, shuttle bus, Class VI store, Merchants National Bank, snack bar, library, bowling alley, theater, recreational center with many hobby facilities, tennis court, and gymnasium. There is a new modern medical and dental clinic on-post.