1. I served from 1984 – 2004, in Germany, Hawaii, Korea, Kosovo, Ft. Monmouth, MacDill AFB, and Ft. Bragg. Basic Training and PLDC was at Ft. Fox and AIT and NCOIC at Ft. Huachuca.

  2. Larry D. Williams stationed at SS Kaserne in Nuremburg from 1975 – 1976 2nd Armored Calvary 84th Engineers.

  3. Michael Steelman here, I was stationed at the RPC on Darby Kasserne Furth Germany May 1978-July 1982, currently live in central TX

  4. I am Richard W Blackburn. I was station at Fort Rucker Ala in 1964 with the Polar Bear unit. We were the only inf. on the post. We had 4 companys 2 barracks and a consolidated mess. I am 80 now and have great memories of Fort Rucker.

  5. Spent from 1976 to 1983 in the 2/28 INF. I was 17 years of age. My first 2 weeks I and R Farmer and others spent sleeping on a mattresses in HHC 3rd floor hallway because the unit was training in Graff. Started off in C co as a PVT 2 humping the 90 recoil or the M60 depending on how mad CPL Hunt was at me. Got transferred to S-3 as the School NCOIC. Latter ended up as the operation motor pool NCOIC. Then ended up in D co in the anti-armor TOW section. Earned my Pathfinder, EIB and other badges. As a SSG I was sent to 1st CAV, B co, 2nd BN, 5th ID, FT Hood, TX.

  6. Dad got orders for Deutschland in Oct 1958. 1st quarters was Kelly Kasern & I went to school across the street from housing & there was an armed MP At the gate of the area. Went to school at Robinson Barracks, Stuttgart. Then move to quarters in Ludwigsburg. Didna return till Oct 1963 to Ft Chaffee then on to Ft. Hauchuca then Okinawa

  7. Took basic in July 1973 at ord in the new barracks then went to Fort Gordon for ait

  8. I was stationed at Herzo Base from ’85 – ’87, HHB 3/37th Supply SGT andthen Asst. BN. Supply SGT.

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