No army site would be whole without a little about them. Back when I was in the army a soldier had to serve as a recruiter or drill sgt to make it past E-6, so I went the recruiter way for 3 years.


4 thoughts on “ARMY RECRUITER

  1. I volunteered for recruiting duty to get a break from deploying and the field. I was supposed to go home to Orlandoince I volunteered and wouldn’t you know it Murthy’s law came around the corner. They had a big purge in the NE and my orders got changed half way through ARC and I got orders for Syracuse, NY!

    Three years of fun and excitement, but I made some good friends and many memories to add to my Army life.

  2. I enlisted to be wheel vehicle mechanic. Sent to gemany. They change my mos to tanker. Never work my original mos. Did my time and got out.

  3. I have nothing to say about an Army Recruiter. When I enlisted I didn’t think about jobs. I just wanted to be in the Army. I went in unassigned and took what they wanted me to be. I ended up at Fort Bliss, Texas in the Nike Hercules Electronic Missel Repair. Three years later I went the Combat Arms way, I wanted to be a real soldier. Stayed in Combat Arms until I made E-6, then went on Recruiting Duty in Indianapolis, Indiana.

    1. Yep, they done me alright also. Got what I singed up for, but the Army life wasn’t for me. I served my 3 years then got out and went home.

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