McPheeters Barracks was the name of a barracks facility in Bad Hersfeld used by the US Army from 1945 to 1993 . It was built from 1935 for the German Wehrmacht . Until 1945 it was called “Langemarck Barracks” after the Battle of Langemarck .

In the summer of 1993, the city of Bad Hersfeld was informed that the US Department of Defense had decided to disband the garrison in Bad Hersfeld. The last soldiers left the barracks in November 1993.

13 thoughts on “McPHEETERS BARRACKS

  1. My name is Richard Thomas and I was stationed here from January 1979 to December 1980 Howitzer Battery Field Artillery.

    1. My dad who i didnt know was stationed on tho base diring this time. cannot find any info on him. he was dating or whatever Maria Hildegard. i was born in Jan 1959. 3 to 4 mos premature.

  2. My Dad 1st Sgt Wolski was stationed here from 68. -70. We didn’t love on base.

  3. I just ran into this page, I was there from 1989-1992. 58 CEC and later in I Troop 3/11 ACR

  4. India Troop 3/11 ACR 3 Platoon. Jan 77 thur Aug 79 MOS was 11 Charlie 4.2mm mortar Is there anyone out there as a member.

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