I was so blessed to have lived in Germany as a dependent in the ’70s (Giessen) and while serving in the US Army Schweinfurt) myself in the 80″s. Because of this, I can’t get enough of traveling to Germany. I hope that you will follow me on my journeys.


We had a blast as we left Garmisch, Germany heading to Salzburg, Austria via train. I love riding the trains in Germany and anywhere in Europe.

How many here traveled to Salzburg while stationed in Germany?

Have you ever stayed at the US Army Edelweiss Resort located in Garmisch?

We all had a blast traveling to Garmisch, Schwangau, and Oberammergau on Christmas Eve 2021. Come and follow us as we enjoy Magnificent and Beautiful Germany,

How many here had visited Mittenwald while you were stationed in Germany?

We had a cold but very fun and relaxing day in Mittenwald. Come and join us for a walk in the beautiful town of Mittenwald, Germany. I love this town and I love showing my family & friends from all over the world this magnificent and beautiful town. I am always looking forward to my next visit to Germany and Mittenwald is always on my list to visit.

Having Spaghetti Eis after a long twenty-month wait lol 🙂.


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