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86 thoughts on “STAMMTISCH

  1. Was at JB 77-78 I think it was C company our building faced Headquarters to the left was the PX and Club.

    Went on REFORGER 78 plus a lot of Graf ect. Black motor pool Plt Sgt I think we called him Budda. I sold my VW Bug to a e-5 dork after me and 7 other guys went to a Nazarath concert. On the way back I blew the engine. Just after I sold it the guys threw it halfway into a dumpster. Just remember one guy Goodbird or something like that. A few miles out was our local downrange we would go on alert and bug out there. Thank God we never had the balloon go up. Lots of stuff to remember.

  2. Getting ready for a trip to Nürnberg to visit the wife’s relatives.

    Heading that way on September the 9th. Hoping to get in on the Volksfest in Nürnberg and maybe even a little Oktoberfest this year.

    Was there last year for Christmas, but wife’s aunt has a 90th birthday this year in Sept, so we are going a little early this year.

    I always have a pretty good time while over there. Will stop at the old NCO club on Ferris for a few also. It’s a guesthouse now.

  3. Hello, I was stationed on WO Darby from 1977 to 1979 with the 127th Postal. I was the Ansbach mail guard, assigned to Ansbach but lived with the Furth postal unit. I have been living and working in Germany for the last six years. Would like to reconnect with any of the old gang that use to hang out at Omaha’s guest house down the street from WO Darby.

    1. Yep, been to US Army Germany’s Stammstisch. The have almost 800 members. Like to read through it every once in a while. Some interesting stuff.

  4. When I was in Germany, I was stationed at Ferris Barracks in Erlangen. Loved the NCO Club on Ferris Barracks. If I wasn’t hanging out there I would be in the Goldener Hecht downtown Erlangen. Most of the guys I knew over there hung out there.

  5. Love reading through these comments. Sometimes someone has a lot to say. Sometimes not so much. Would really like to get some meaningful conversation going on here. Everyone posts where they were stationed and the likes but really say nothing.

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