Hindenburg Kaserne, also known as Hindenburg Barracks, was a former military garrison, located near in the Zellerau district in the city of Würzburg, in Franconia, Germany. The kaserne (English: barracks), was situated between Weißenburgstraße, Mainaustraße and Moscheeweg. It was active as a military base between 1935 and 1993.

Construction began on the kaserne in 1934. In 1935 it was named in honor of Paul von Hindenburg, a field marshal who commanded the German army in World War I and who was elected as President of the German Reich in 1925. In 1935 the kaserne was given over to the Wehrmacht. Hindenburg Kaserne was occupied by the II Abteilung des Artillerie-Regiments 93 (English: 2nd Battalion (Heavy), 93rd Artillery Regiment) on 12 October 1937. This unit saw action in the Polish Campaign as part of the XVI Army Corps (Wehrmacht), and the French Campaign as part of the IV Army Corps (Wehrmacht).

Following World War II, Hindenburg Kaserne was occupied by the U.S. Army from 1945 until its closure in 1993.


  1. I was up the hill in the 2/28th FA in 1982 we had so much fun in those days

  2. My father was stationed in Eschwege 1949-1952. My sister was born in October 1949 at the 388th Sta Hospital in Giessen. I have wonderfull memories of the Officers Club and Gamaroda. I’m not sure but I think Dad had something to do with the Officers club. He was LT. JOHN W. GEPHART, SR. Loved Eschwege Germany and made many wonderful friends…

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