Fort Rucker, Alabama is the home of the Army Aviation Warfighting Center of Excellence (USAACE). This Army installation is located in Dale County, 80 miles from Montgomery, Alabama.

The history of Fort Rucker is closely associated with World War Two. Seven days after the United States entered the war in 1941, Congress approved funding of approximately $10 billion specifically for defense; a draft was initiated and in support of that a large number of training facilities and bases had to be opened. One of the bases created in that surge was Fort Rucker.

Fort Rucker is named after the Civil War officer, Colonel Edmund W. Rucker, who was later awarded an honorary promotion to General.


  1. So good to see Ft Rucker on these pages after many years. I was stationed their from Jan 1964 thru Mar 1964 in aircraft maintenance school, which included being trained in the fixed and flexi wing air craft. I was in the Class 64-28

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