18 thoughts on “1/46 INFANTRY

  1. I was station there from 1976 to 1979 C CO condors I will never forget that place

  2. Did any of you know a Sgt Chris Leiskau. He was a recovery vehicle specialist with HHC 1/46 in 1977. Trying to help his daughter find out about her fathers history. She wanting to visit there. We lost him in 2017

  3. csc 1/46 was my first duty station after basic and ait was there from 1980 to 1983

      1. Hi, Allan. Bill Eldard here. We served together in 1/46 1974-1976. I was in HHC (worked as OJT Bn Legal Clerk), then C Co. I think you had B Co. legal duties and that’s how we met. I seem to recall taking a tour of Dachau together; some Rec Ctr package deal. Hope the years since have served you well!

          1. Well, after my discharge, I went back to college, got married, and got a commission as an intel officer in the Navy. Made a 21 yr career out of it. Leslee and I retired for good when the pandemic started. We live in nothern VA. How about you?

            1. Hey, Bill!

              Great to hear from you! After my discharge I studied Russian at the University of Texas, got married and worked for several years as a newspaper reporter and editor here in Austin. (I had hoped to work in Moscow, but the American news agencies had no interest in an American Russian speaker.) Eventually I went to law school in Boston. I spent 30 years practicing civil and government law in the private and public sectors until my retirement last year. My wife, also a lawyer, ran a program to help lawyers and judges suffering drug and alcohol addiction.

              I met a lot of intel types when I was studying Russian, and some of them are still in the service. I considered it, but my wife wasn’t wild about living in Russia. So we are in Austin for the duration.

              If you are ever in or near Austin, please let me know. I’d love to see you and to catch up. Until then, take good care of yourself.


              1. Congratulations on your retirement, Allan. Sounds like you and your wife had great careers. Likewise, if you’re up DC way, let me know!

  4. Wow! HHC 1/46 (Ferris Barracks) was my very first unit assignment after basic and AIT training. I was a mechanic. LTC Banister was my Battalion Commander at that time.

    1. When were you there. Trying to locate anyone who knew my brother in law stationed there in 1977. His name was Chris Leiskau.

  5. Wow! HHC 1/46 was my very first unit assignment after basic training. I was a mechanic. LTC Banister was my Battalion Commander at that time.

    1. First station 1979 B company weapons PLT. Tow gunner. Bushmasters Follow Me.

  6. I served as company clerk for B 1/46 from 1974 to 1976. Loved Erlangen and Germany.

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