2401     ADP Officer, PCM
6101     Accounting Officer
73D     Accounting Specialist
225B     ADA Command and Control Maintenance Technician
2110     Adjutant or Adjutant General
2120     Administrative Officer
71L     Administrative Specialist
34L     ADMS Peripheral Equipment Repairman
3130     Adolescent Psychiatrist
34C     ADP Auxiliary Equipment Repairman
2402     ADP Officer
74G     ADP Systems Analyst
34D     ADPS Repairman
2510     Adviser Group Commander/Senior Adviser (Reserve Component)
26K     Aerial Early Warning/Defense Equipment Repairer
17L     Aerial Sensor Specialist
26N     Aerial Surveillance Infrared Repairer
9309     Aerial Surveillance Officer
41G     Aerial Surveillance Photographic Equipment Repairer
3581     Aeromedical Evacuation Officer
7501     Aeronautical Engineer
67Y     AH-1 Attack Helicopter Repairer
2030     Aide-De-Camp
7502     Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Engineer
231A     Air Defense Artillery Fire Control Maintenance Technician
16H     Air Defense Artillery Operations/Intelligence Assistant
45E     Air Defense Artillery Repairman
16Z     Air Defense Artillery Senior Sergeant
1178     Air Defense Missile Staff Officer, Hawk
1177     Air Defense Missile Staff Officer, Nike Hercules
251C     Air Defense Missile System Repair Technician, Hawk
251D     Air Defense Missile System Repair Technician, Improved Hawk
251B     Air Defense Missile System Repair Technician, Nike
223C     Air Defense Missile System Technician (Hawk)
223D     Air Defense Missile System Technician, Improved Hawk
1180     Air Defense Missile Unit Commander
26H     Air Defense Radar Repairer
2163     Air Operations Officer (G3, S3)
93L     Air Traffic Control Chief
93H     Air Traffic Control Tower Operator
93B     Air Traffic Controller
93J     Air Traffic Controller Radar Controller
26E     Airborne Sensor Specialist
26M     Airborne Surveillance Radar Repairer
65E     Airbrake Repairer
45J     Aircraft Armament Repairman
45M     Aircraft Armament Subsystem Mechanic
68A     Aircraft Components Repair Apprentice
68F     Aircraft Electrician
35J     Aircraft Fire Control Repairman
68J     Aircraft Instrument Repairman
67A     Aircraft Maintenance Apprentice
4823     Aircraft Maintenance Officer
67Z     Aircraft Maintenance Senior Sergeant
76T     Aircraft Materiel Supply Specialist
68H     Aircraft Pneudraulics Repairer
68B     Aircraft Powerplant Repairer
68D     Aircraft Powertrain Repairer
67W     Aircraft Quality Control Supervisor
68C     Aircraft Reciprocating Engine Repairman
671D     Aircraft Repair Technician, Fixed Wing Rated
671B     Aircraft Repair Technician, Non-rated
671E     Aircraft Repair Technician, Rotary & Fixed Wing Rated
671C     Aircraft Repair Technician, Rotary Wing Rated
68E     Aircraft Rotor And Propeller Repairman
68G     Aircraft Structural Repairer
4420     Aircraft Supply Officer
461A     Airdrop Equipment Repair Technician
1982     Airfield Commander
061C     Airplane Pilot, Multi-engine
67F     Airplane Technical Inspector
3113     Allergist/Clinical Immunologist
55A     Ammunition Helper
55X     Ammunition Inspector
55C     Ammunition Maintenance Specialist
76M     Ammunition Records Clerk
55B     Ammunition Specialist
55Z     Ammunition Supervisor
411A     Ammunition Technician
61E     Amphibian Engineer
61D     Amphibian Operator
0668     Amphibious Craft Officer
1367     Amphibious Engineer Unit Commander
25K     AN/TSQ-51 System Repairer Maintenance Chief
3324     Anatomical Pathologist
3115     Anesthesiologist
91T     Animal Care Specialist
36D     Antenna Installer Specialist
28M     Anti-Ballistic Missile Maintenance Specialist
2420     Archivist
9668     Area Intelligence Officer
97C     Area Intelligence Specialist
972A     Area Intelligence Technician
0220     Area Signal Center Officer
4808     Armament Maintenance & Repair Officer
45A     Armament Maintenance Apprentice
421A     Armament Repair Technician
913A     Armament Repair Technician
45K     Armament Repairer
45Z     Armament/Fire Control Maintenance Supervisor
11E     Armor Crewman
31C     Armor Radio Mechanic
11D     Armor Reconnaissance Specialist
1210     Armored Combat Command Commander
1330     Armored Engineer Unit Commander
1204     Armored Reconnaissance Unit Commander
9303     Army Attache
5241     Army Band Officer
1691     Army Cryptologic & Electronic Warfare Unit Commander
4210     Army Exchange Officer
45D     Artillery Calibration Specialist
31H     Artillery Communications Chief
45F     Artillery Mechanic
31D     Artillery Radio Mechanic
45L     Artillery Repairer
03D     Arts And Crafts Specialist
8605     Arts-Monuments Officer
62D     Asphalt Equipment Operator
562E     Assistant Engineer
93K     ATC Approach Control/Enroute Specialist
12E     Atomic Demolition Munitions Specialist
71S     Attache Specialist
961A     Attache Technician
100E     Attack Helicopter Pilot
84D     Audio Specialist
41E     Audio-Visual Equipment Repairer
8530     Audio-Visual Instructional Technology Officer
84F     Audio/TV Specialist
3360     Audiologist
01L     Audit Specialist
73B     Audit Specialist
25B     Automatic Data Link Repairman
72G     Automatic Data Telecommunications Center Operator
34H     Automatic Digital Message Switch Equipment(ADMSE) Repairer
13F     Automatic Weapons Crewman
631A     Automotive Maintenance Technician
632A     Automotive Repair Technician
3160     Aviation Medical Officer
7423     Aviation Safety Officer
2518     Aviation Staff Officer
103A     Aviation Technician
35L     Avionic Communications Equipment Repairer
35P     Avionic Equipment Maintenance Supervisor
35N     Avionic Flight Control Equipment Repairman
35M     Avionic Navigation And Flight Control Equipment Repairer
35R     Avionic Special Equipment Repairer
35K     Avionics Mechanic
31Q     Avionics Repairman


  1. Missing 2 that I can see, 63B Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic and 63C Tracked Vehicle Mechanic.

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