A large military hospital complex was built in Würzburg in 1936-37. When the U.S. Army moved into the area in April 1945, this facility was taken over by the 107th EVAC Hospital, and it continues to serve as a U.S. Army hospital today.

The US Army Hospital Wuerzburg is located high on the Galgenberg Hill overlooking the city of Würzburg, in the heart of Franconia. The hospital is a 6 story building on a landscaped park area of approximately 14 acres.


  1. I worked in the Pharmacy from November 1982 to October 1986. I was on active duty (Go Army). My son Brandon Charles Mahan was born there 27 Nov 1985.

  2. I was born there in December 1978 to Glen and Carol Martin. Glenn was army. I’ve been trying to find record of my birth father to no avail. My mother Carol died 3 years ago

  3. Our son was born there 9/27/1985. We went back on his 30th birthday in 2015 and it was being used as a “spa” by the Germans. Lol

  4. My dad, Frank S. Cole was hospitalized there in August of 1946 before being transferred to Mannheim Rehabilitation Center. How can I get a copy of his medical records?

  5. My daughter was born there in Dec. 1995. I’ll never forget that hospital. It’s too bad that it was sit shut down.

  6. I was born there in April 1959 and my sister was born there in December 1960!!

  7. My Son was born there almost 21 years ago
    Würzburg is my favorite town in Germany

    1. My son was also born there and I also worked there as an RN . Loved it. That was 1966 to 1968.

    2. My name is Angela Stanton I was born at this hospital on December 3 1974 I am trying find out if you have a record of my birth or my birth certificate on file please let me know because I need soon to get my id renew thank you

      1. You have to go through Washington DC to get a copy. You can Google it and find out more information on how to go about it.

  8. I volunteered at the Red Cross there back in 1998. I didn’t realize it’s still an active US Army Hospital.

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