9 thoughts on “WILKIN BARRACKS

  1. Charles, thank you for your service to our country and all those we served with) I found our company picture (145 of us) HQ 2/4 INF from 1975 Hall, Davis, Brandt, Lettuli, Doc Stowers, Pryor, Steel, Powell, London, and the list goes on and on and on.. We were young warriors then. You are the first one that I’ve ever heard from in 48 years. Our Co drove the 68 Shelby mustang and he also drove a half track (a motorcycle and a track) Kornwesthiem was a beautiful place. I retired from public works for the City of Tacoma,Washington in 2014(253) 224-5935 feel free to give me a call sometime. I wonder whatever happened to some of these soldiers. On my second tour I was stationed in Schweinfurt and Baumholder and another 3 yrs at Fort Polk Louisiana and another 3 yrs Fort Lewis Washington. I got to go now but we’ll keep in touch as much as time and health will allow us.. ☮️

  2. i was the armomer in the 2/4th inf hdth company from 74 – 77, i enjoyed my time germany

    1. Sp4 James W Broggin 11C May 72-Sept 75. Upon arrival served with A Co. 2/4 Inf(almost half of my tour)CAS-silver/bronze pp before being assigned to HHC 2/4 Hvy Mortar Plt who perished at Pegnitz

      1. I was just 17 years old (WOW) learn to play the bass at the rec center out the front gate of Wilkin Barracks-thanks Sp4 Willie Brandt I’ve never forgotten you or any of us replacements of the entire mortar plt (33 men and four crewman who perished in a helicopter crash) Warriors

        1. Does anyone remember when the entire HHC 2/4 Inf Mortar platoon requested not to fly out on the CH-47 Chinook helicopter our last days in Grafenwhr???? The Battalion Commander at that time honored our request….We were Warriors…. Back to the world

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