6 thoughts on “2/37 ARMOR BATTALION

  1. Served in Erlangen Germany Ferris Barracks. Medic from 1981-1983 HHC 2/37, Bco 2/37, and Dispensary – 120Th Med.
    Max Yejo

  2. I was stationed in Farris barracks in B 2/37 during 1982 to 1983. Erlangen was a special place to be stationed. I was a Loader, Driver, on the M60 A3 i mostly loved driving that 60 ton beast i was very good as a loader so good that one gunnery i helped 3 tanks to qualify in one night firing. The soldier’s that I served with on the M60 A3 Tanks were the greatest soldier’s that I ever served with. I would gladly serve with them again. Staying in those WW11 barracks was a great experience so full of history. From battalion commander to top sergeant to platoon sergeant. I had the great privilege of having the greatest leaders a man could ask for. I will hold my memories of Ferris Barracks close to my heart.

    1. Rev. Willie , i also was station at Farris barracks i was in A company 2/37 1 armor in Erlangen Germany i was a driver in a M60A1 tank my tank was tango 25 but i was station in 1970/ 1972 i also pull NATO guard i do remember those days i miss the men i served with i do talk with one man 1 or 2 times a month , then i was allowed with twenty other men to go over to east Germany with Russian guards for one week it was a great experience to have.James D PONT

  3. I was there CSC I was 11C 1979 to 1983 loved every moment, until I got in trouble!

  4. Hello I served in Erlangen barracks in the years 1970 / 1972 my time was hard but it was outstanding I leaned to be a man I can thank the Army for this . But most of all I miss my times and the great men I serve with I only talk with one man over the years it’s very hard to fine the men I serve with i believe it’s because we are all in our 70’s and some may be deceased. I was a M60A1 tank driver my tank was tanko 25 , great tank, I would love to find my old team mates. Special man LT. BASS what a leader and friend he help me a so much.

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