94D     Baker
21A     Ballistic Missile Repair Apprentice
1190     Ballistic Missile Unit Commander
02C     Band Member Baritone Or Euphonium Player
02K     Band Member Basoon Player
02J     Band Member Clarinet Player
02B     Band Member Coronet Or Trumpet Player
02G     Band Member Flute Or Piccolo Player
02D     Band Member French Horn Player
02T     Band Member Guitar Player
02H     Band Member Oboe Player
02M     Band Member Percussion Player
02N     Band Member Piano Player
02L     Band Member Saxaphone Player
02E     Band Member Trombone Player
02F     Band Member Tuba Player
031A     Bandmaster
02Z     Bands Senior Sergeant
09B     Basic Trainee
09C     Basic Trainee
3639     Behavioral Science Associate
91G     Behavioral Science Specialist
3309     Biochemist
01H     Biological Sciences Assistant
202A     Biomedical Equipment Repair Technician
3520     Biomedical Information Systems Officer
25D     Birdie Repairman
44D     Blacksmith
02P     Brass Group Leader
12C     Bridge Crewman
71R     Broadcast Journalist
5522     Broadcast Officer


0425     Cable Communications Officer
36E     Cable Splicer
9511     Camouflage Officer
51E     Camouflage Specialist
13B     Cannon Crewmember
13E     Cannon Fire Direction Specialist
43C     Canvas And Leather Repairman
43K     Canvas Repairman
4851     Car Repair Shop Superintendent
53C     Carbon Dioxide-Hydrogen Production Specialist
71U     Card And Tape Writer
74B     Card And Tape Writer
91N     Cardiac Specialist
3107     Cardiologist
100C     Cargo Helicopter Pilot
0804     Cargo Officer
57H     Cargo Specialist
51B     Carpentry And Masonry Specialist
81C     Cartographer
42B     Cast Specialist
9335     Censorship Officer
72H     Central Office Operations Operator
72C     Central Office Switchboard Operator
67P     CH-34 Helicopter Repairman
67T     CH-37 Helicopter Repairman
67U     CH-47 Helicopter Repairer
16P     CHAPARRAL Crewmember
24N     CHAPARRAL System Mechanic
224B     Chaparral-Vulcan Systems Technician
5310     Chaplain
71M     Chaplain’s Assistant
09F     Chaplain’s Assistant (Catholic)
09H     Chaplain’s Assistant (Jewish)
09G     Chaplain’s Assistant (Protestant)
7315     Chemical Combat Service Support Officer
1415     Chemical Combat Support Unit Commander
55E     Chemical Demolitions Specialist
7300     Chemical Engineer
01G     Chemical Engineering Assistant
54D     Chemical Equipment Repairer
92D     Chemical Laboratory Specialist
7360     Chemical Munitions Development Officer
54A     Chemical Operations Specialist
54F     Chemical Operations Specialist
7314     Chemical Staff Officer
76B     Chemical Supply And Parts Specialist
7319     Chemist
562D     Chief Engineer, Coastal; Assistant Engineer, Unlimited
562C     Chief Engineer, Unlimited
2010     Chief of Staff
3118     Child Neurologist
3127     Child Psychiatrist
95D     CID Special Agent
36F     Circuit Control Specialist
8000     Civil Affairs Agricultural Officer
8105     Civil Affairs Officer (G5, S5)
2720     Civil Defense Officer
7900     Civil Engineer
01D     Civil Engineering Assistant
8104     Civil Government Officer
2180     Civil-Military Operations Staff Officer (G5, S5)
70A     Clerk
71A     Clerk
71B     Clerk-Typist
3314     Clinical Laboratory Officer
3449     Clinical Nurse
3326     Clinical Pathologist
3138     Clinical Pharmacologist
021A     Club Manager
4112     Club Manager
00J     Club/Community Activities Manager
09D     College Trainee
12B     Combat Engineer
12D     Combat Engineer Operation And Intelligence NCO
12Z     Combat Engineer Senior Sergeant
12F     Combat Engineer Tracked Vehicle Crewman
1331     Combat Engineer Unit Commander
27C     Combat Missile Systems Repairman
100Q     Combat Service/Support Fixed Wing Pilot
1010     Combat Signal Unit Commander
17A     Combat Surveillance And Target Acquisition Crewman
17Z     Combat Surveillance And Target Acquisition NCO
100R     Combat Surveillance Fixed Wing Pilot
00Z     Command Sergeant Major
4223     Commissary Officer
09S     Commissioned Officer Candidate
98A     Communication Security Clerk
0205     Communications & Electronics Staff Officer
0221     Communications Center Officer
72B     Communications Center Specialist
76U     Communications Electronics Materiel Supply Specialist
7750     Communications Electronics Systems Engineer
98J     Communications Interceptor/Analyst
98D     Communications Security Analyst
32D     Communications System Circuit Controller
31N     Communications Systems/Circuit Controller
286A     Communications-Electronics Equipment Repair Technician
32Z     Communications-Electronics Maintenance Chief
3431     Community Health Nurse
1176     Composite Aaa Unit Commander
1987     Composite Aviation Unit Commander
83B     Compositor
2800     Comptroller
2801     Comptroller Staff Officer, Army General Staff
74E     Computer Systems Operator
62H     Concrete And Asphalt Equipment Operator
2015     Congressional Liaison Officer
51A     Construction And Utilities Worker
7110     Construction Engineer
51H     Construction Engineering Supervisor
62B     Construction Equipment Repairer
62N     Construction Equipment Supervisor
82B     Construction Surveyor
4514     Conventional Ammunition Officer
22B     CORPORAL Electronics Mechanic
23B     CORPORAL Fire Control Mechanic
23C     CORPORAL Fire Control Repairman
46H     CORPORAL Ground Handling Equipment Repairman
15C     CORPORAL Missile Crewman
46G     CORPORAL Missile Crewman
22C     CORPORAL Missile Repairman
9121     Correctional Officer
95C     Corrections Specialist
97B     Counterintelligence Agent
9666     Counterintelligence Officer
971A     Counterintelligence Technician
93J     Countermeasures Search Specialist
71E     Court Reporter
62F     Crane Operator
9150     Criminal Investigation Officer
951A     Criminal Investigator
9601     Cryptanalytic Officer
981A     Cryptanalytic Technician
72D     Cryptographic Center Specialist
341A     Cryptographic Equipment Repair Technician
721A     Cryptographic Technician


  1. Missing 2 that I can see, 63B Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic and 63C Tracked Vehicle Mechanic.

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