62G     Quarrying Specialist
63J     Quartermaster And Chemical Equipment Repairer
63L     Quartermaster Equipment Maintenance Senior
63E     Quartermaster Heavy Equipment Repairman
63K     Quartermaster Heavy Equipment Repairman
63D     Quartermaster Light Equipment Repairman
76F     Quartermaster Parts Supply Specialist
76E     Quartermaster Supply Specialist
951C     Questioned Document Examiner


2350     Race Relations/Equal Opportunity Officer
00U     Race/Relations/Equal Opportunity Specialist
25H     Radar Data Processing Equipment Repairman
25F     Radar Display Equipment Repairman
26W     Radar Maintenance Supervisor-Inspector
282A     Radar Repair Technician
25E     Radar Tracking Station Repairman
0590     Radio Controlled Target Airplane Officer
7860     Radio Engineer
7881     Radio Frequency Engineering Officer
05B     Radio Operator
26P     Radio Propogation Specialist
281A     Radio Repair Technician
0505     Radio Systems Officer
05C     Radio Teletype Operator
05F     Radio Teletypewriter Operator
26T     Radio/TV Systems Specialist
3306     Radiologist
91P     Radiology Specialist
0716     Railway Bridge & Building Supervisor
0736     Railway Car Foreman
65D     Railway Car Repairer
0753     Railway Car Service Superintendent
7922     Railway Construction Engineer
0740     Railway Dispatcher
0754     Railway Equipment Superintendent
4857     Railway Machine Shop Superintendent
65A     Railway Maintenance And Operations Apprentice
0715     Railway Maintenance-Of-Way Superintendent
0735     Railway Master Mechanic
65K     Railway Movement Coordinator
66D     Railway Movement Coordinator
66A     Railway Operations Apprentice
0750     Railway Operations Superintendent
57B     Railway Section Foreman
65G     Railway Section Repairer
65Z     Railway Senior Sergeant
4850     Railway Shop Superintendent
0718     Railway Signal Maintenance Supervisor
4475     Railway Supply Officer
0717     Railway Track Supervisor
4312     Real Estate Officer
1183     Reconnaissance & Survey Officer
74Z     Record Information Systems Chief
63F     Recovery Specialist
5000     Recreation Services Officer
03Z     Recreation Specialist
00E     Recruiter And Career Counselor
2310     Recruiting & Induction Officer
21B     REDSTONE Electronic Mechanic
21C     REDSTONE Guidance Repairman
15F     REDSTONE Missile Crewman
46J     REDSTONE Missile Mechanic
46K     REDSTONE Propulsion/Structures Repairman
21D     REDSTONE Test Instrument Repairman
51L     Refrigeration Specialist
0003     Relieved From Duty, Sick in Hospital or Quarters
17M     Remote Sensor Specialist
441A     Repair Shop Technician
41K     Reproduction Equipment Repair Specialist
833A     Reproduction Technician
2167     Research & Development Coordinator
8430     Research Psychologist
91V     Respiratory Specialist
3137     Rheumatologist
0720     Road Foreman, Railroad Locomotives
82A     Rodman And Tapeman
102A     Rotary and Fixed Wing Pilot
1981     Rotary Wing Aviation Unit Commander
0005     ROTC Officer Awaiting Entry On Active Duty
62M     Rough Terrain Forklift And Loader Operator


28Q     Safeguard Data Processing System Maintenance Specialist
28C     Safeguard Digital Repairman
28R     Safeguard Dps Peripheral Equipment Maintenance Specialist
28N     Safeguard Missile Site Radar Specialist
16M     Safeguard Operations and Intelligence Specialist
28P     Safeguard Perimeter Acquisition Radar Specialist
1115     Safeguard Staff Officer
1111     Safeguard Unit Commander
7422     Safety Engineer
4601     Salvage Collecting Officer
3371     Sanitary Engineer
7960     Sanitary Engineer
26Y     Satellite Communications Equipment Repair
57D     Sawyer
2500     School Commandant
34M     Sds 920 Equipment Repairman
61A     Seaman
2011     Secretary of The General Staff
2334     Selective Service Officer
76Z     Senior Supply/Service Sergeant
46L     Sergeant Electrical Mechanical Repairman
21R     Sergeant Firing Set Repairman
21E     Sergeant Guidance Repairman
21U     Sergeant Maintenance Chief
15B     Sergeant Missile Crewman
21S     Sergeant Missile Guidance Repairman
21T     Sergeant Test Equipment Repairman
21F     Sergeant Test Station Repairman
2910     Service Company Commander
45P     Sheridan Turret Mechanic
27H     Shillelagh Repairer
43D     Shoe Repairman
43L     Shoe Repairman
9620     Signal Intelligence Officer
9630     Signal Security Officer
05G     Signal Security Specialist
76G     Signal Supply And Parts Specialist
98C     Signals Intelligence Analyst
67E     Single-Engine Airplane Maintenance Chief
67D     Single-Engine Airplane Repairman
67R     Single-Engine Single-Rotor Helicopter Maintenance Chief
67Q     Single-Engine Single-Rotor Helicopter Repairman
67S     Single-Engine Tandem-Rotor Helicopter Mechanic
3202     Small Animal Veterinary Officer
45B     Small Arms/Artillery Repairer
45H     Small Missile Systems Repairman
54C     Smoke Operations Specialist
3606     Social Work Officer
91H     Social Work Specialist
74F     Software Analyst
7902     Soils Engineer
261A     Special Ammunition Maintenance Technician
4517     Special Ammunition Officer
0009     Special Assignment
02S     Special Band Member
00D     Special Duty Assignment
35E     Special Electronic Devices Repairer
053A     Special Identification Technician
76Q     Special Purpose Materiel Supply Specialist
03Z     Special Services Senior Sergeant
0030     Sports Specialist
6400     Statistician
56E     Stevedore
84B     Still Photographic Specialist
4445     Storage Officer
9300     Strategic Intelligence Staff Officer (G2, J2)
26V     Strategic Microwave Systems Repairer
51C     Structure Specialist
003A     Student
0006     Student Officer
56D     Subsistance Storage Specialist
4130     Subsistence Officer
76X     Subsistence Supply Specialist
4200     Supply & Service Officer
56A     Supply Handler
4201     Supply Management Officer
1984     Supply Plans Officer
1985     Supply Research & Development Officer
4010     Supply Staff Officer (G4, S4)
76A     Supplyman
762A     Support Supply Technician
821A     Survey Technician


  1. Missing 2 that I can see, 63B Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic and 63C Tracked Vehicle Mechanic.

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