These barracks (German: kaserne) was built for the SS Signal School and a SS Signal Reserve Unit. Soldiers from the kaserne were used to support the Nürnberg Nazi rallies. The post was captured by American soldiers in April 1945 and renamed Merrell Barracks after Private Joseph F. Merrell. It was HQ for 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment.


3 thoughts on “MERRELL BARRACKS

  1. I was assigned to the 371 AIB in Jan 1955-Dec 1957 when the unit moved to Worms, Germany.

    I was first assigned to Delta Company as an infantry man. The Company Commander was Capt Mohler who was a WWII battle field commissioned officer. The XO was a West Point Grad Lt Bringham.

    I was sent to the Ordinance Supply NCO school and being the only PFC in the class, shoveled a lot of snow during the breaks. Upon returning to the unit I was assigned to the HHC S4 section as the ordinance supply clerk. I later became the chief clerk and then the Asst Battalion supply Sgt. In the S4 section I worked for CWO Reynolds & BN supply Sgt SFC Briggs.

    I extended for 6 months to help the unit move to Worms.

    Many a happy memory from Merrill Barracks. I think it’s the best place I was ever assigned.

    Of note: Seventeen years later I was assigned to the 2nd ACR 1st Sqdn at Bindlach (as a CWO) and the Regimental HQ was at Merrill Barracks.

    My Son and I visited Germany in May 2009 and I did a memory lane visit to Nurnberg. Nothing is the same, but my memories are of the good times I had while assigned to Merrill Barracks.

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