18 thoughts on “MERRELL BARRACKS

  1. You guys at Merrill had a paid vacation to Germany/Europe….RIGHT in the heart of Nurnberg/ Centeral Europe…Why go anywhere else unless to Berchasgaden…..You could walk to anywhere….Go do a ie a 10 day stretch at Monteith…Better off at Wildflecken–++++ Day one 1st sgt Horace Baxley & 1st LT John Sawyer…….I was Airbornne–and they were not….(l learned later Sawyers brother was abn.).No shuttle or etc to Furth trollys end..(#1 to center town at the Bahnhof across from the Army
    hotel)….Sorry everything…sorry mess hall..NO toaster — Oven — Only one and it did not work any too well…..Sawyer ate. lunch at the. O club with his guest Horace..All I wanted was ME out of the army.. Monteith was as Ft.Leonard Wood Missouri.. Those 2 tryed to send me to RVN with 3 months left….Sure would like to see them now….the Lone Ranger or Perry Mason could not cover for either one…
    Glad for you guys at Merrill…….you were well blessed….

  2. Merrell Barracks was my first duty station from 1982 to 1984. I was the Regimental FSO’s driver. Made a lot of good friends and a lot of good memories. Especially the walks back to the barracks after the bars shut down and ubahn quit running. SFC Tom McKinney U.S. Army Ret.

  3. I was there in 75-76, I remember the LOUD bose speakers in the window inside the QUAD, playing Peter Frampton. TIm Z. HHB 3/17FA SPEC4, 50 years later retired Navy Commander.

  4. I was the 3/17 Field Artillery, then the 3/5 Field Artillery. I was I A-Battery 5th section SSG Baptist. M110-howitzer

  5. I was at Merrell barracks from 1970-1972 assigned to the 116th ordinance detachment. Lots of good memories and I made a lot of good friends.
    SSG Lanny Hutchins

  6. was at Merrell barracks 1972 to 1974 HHB 3rd of the 17th had a lot of good times and had some bad times ,can’t remember the bad times . I wish I could have done more sightseeing over there I’m just realizing that now 50 years later ,oh well .

    1. I was station there 3/17 Field artillery then we switch to 3/5 Field artillery. I got there in 1981 to 1992. When merrell barracks close the unit move out to schwabach I was in maint. My name was sgt Jackson

  7. I worked in nurnburg in 1964 some of my friends married boys from the barracks

  8. I was stationed at Merrel Barracks in 78/79 with the 3/17Th F.A.Sadly I was a bit of a trouble maker,so anyone I may have fought with or offended in any way,I apologize.I would very much like to hear from anybody,any unit who may have been at Merrel at the same time.P.S., GREAT SITE!

    1. I was there from 76-79. Started in HHB driving for the Bn S-3 (Major Bernabe), then went to B Btry to work with Special Weapons with SGT Bobby Finger. One of the mechanics from SVC Btry (Mark Rothamer) lives about 20 miles away from me and I still communicate with Maj Bernabe after all these years.

  9. i was station in merrill 1961– 1964 with the 53rd ordance, my office was neer the maint. area, looking for anyone from the 53rd , i drove the dump truck to bring coal to the barracks. lived at the castle guest house , under the castle , did anyone know that there was a tunnel, from nurn . to furth?the ger.used it to get from one city to the other, there was doors in merrell, to get into it , and house all the way to furth, they now use it for the street cars

    1. I too was stationed in Merrell Bks, was the PBO 3/17th FA but when all the racial stuff started I volunteered to go back to Vietnam, I was shown those doors under the Kaserne by the German workers that kept the fires and other utilities working . That tunnel complex linked up to the Dutizendike and The area of that large Congress Hall complex. Where Hitler held his rallies .
      Cw2 Richard L Hyatt, USA RETIRED.

  10. I was assigned to the 371 AIB in Jan 1955-Dec 1957 when the unit moved to Worms, Germany.

    I was first assigned to Delta Company as an infantry man. The Company Commander was Capt Mohler who was a WWII battle field commissioned officer. The XO was a West Point Grad Lt Bringham.

    I was sent to the Ordinance Supply NCO school and being the only PFC in the class, shoveled a lot of snow during the breaks. Upon returning to the unit I was assigned to the HHC S4 section as the ordinance supply clerk. I later became the chief clerk and then the Asst Battalion supply Sgt. In the S4 section I worked for CWO Reynolds & BN supply Sgt SFC Briggs.

    I extended for 6 months to help the unit move to Worms.

    Many a happy memory from Merrill Barracks. I think it’s the best place I was ever assigned.

    Of note: Seventeen years later I was assigned to the 2nd ACR 1st Sqdn at Bindlach (as a CWO) and the Regimental HQ was at Merrill Barracks.

    My Son and I visited Germany in May 2009 and I did a memory lane visit to Nurnberg. Nothing is the same, but my memories are of the good times I had while assigned to Merrill Barracks.

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