The 24/7 depot sits on more than 430 acres of land and is about a 90-minute drive from any U.S. military base service. Of the depot’s approximately 850 employees, only about 165 are DOD ID holders so there is a heavy reliance on the local economy. Garrison employees include public works personnel, security staff, firefighters and postal workers.
Originally used after WWII as a U.S. Army storage site for equipment, it was officially established as an Army depot Oct. 18, 1951, and named Germersheim Ordnance Vehicle Park with a mission to store, receive, and issue equipment and supplies in support of U.S. Army in Europe. At the time, it was the only vehicle park in theater that could store 25,000 vehicles, to include trucks, jeeps, ambulances, armored cars, tractors and trailers.


  1. was at d 2 67 ada from 1978 to 81 16p. stepped out with petra shebot from town. robert ege

  2. I was billeted there in 1961 while stationed at the Bellheim Tank Farm and met my wife there.

  3. I was stationed there 1974 to 1977 with the 89th Medical Detachment. I have fond memories, but it was much smaller.

  4. I was stationed there with the U.S. Army’s 547th Ordnance Co sometime between late 1970 through August 1971. Very secluded place. Took the train to K-town on paydays. Looking at old photos of Kleber Kaserne in Kaiserslautern and these of the Army depot are un-rememberable. Like a dream.

  5. I was stationed there from 8/84 to 10/85 as a part of the 63rd Sig. great city

  6. i was station there from 1975 to 1979 ,i was inspectior when the equipment turn in and inspected and finial inspected for storage.i wish all a happy new year.SFC ERNEST LEDBETTER RETIRED>

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