Grafenwoehr Training Area (GTA) is a United States Army training base located near Grafenwöhr, Bavaria, Germany. At 232 km2, it is the largest NATO training facility in Europe. The base is operated by 7th Army Joint Multinational Training Command. Facilities include the Tower Barracks. The training area was established in 1907, and used to train troops for the III Royal Bavarian Corps. Undergoing a major expansion from 96 to 230 square kilometers in 1938, the base was used by the Wehrmacht to practice blitzkrieg tactics.  Following World War II, the base was occupied by the United States Army.  On September 2, 1960, 16 American soldiers were killed and 26 injured when an 8-inch howitzer shell crashed into them during a morning roll call. The shell had been overloaded with charge and went 412 miles beyond its target.


  1. Being Air Support for 3/16th FA I spent a couple of weeks in Graph with Red Eye Missiles and a month every year with the 8″ battalion I was attached to in 72, 73, 74, and 75. Tent city sucked. I have not had to pull fire guard since!

  2. Graft was either dusty as hell or muddy, I was there 64-66 3rd bn. 37th armor
    And cold in the winter!

    1. Hi I was with 3 armored div. From 78 to 81, we there a lot. Then with the 5/41 FA, 3 Infantry Div.

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