1973 – 1974

30 thoughts on “FERRIS BARRACKS

  1. Stationed at Ferris Barracks from 91 to 93. Medic with HHC 2-70th Armor.

    One of my best assignments with some of my fondest memories

  2. Can’t seem to find out any information about the unit I was with there in Erlangen. 1961 – 62. 83rd Field Artillery, 1st How Bn, Btry A. Our outfit was moved from Fort Bragg to Erlangen in 1961. 1st winter was really cold. Shipped us there with no long John’s. That’s the Army for you, we got long John the next year. Was in Como MOS (310) section. I remember walking guard duty at night around a special truck that carried Nuke rounds for 8” Howitzers and thinking I don’t ever want to be anywhere around if these get used, I think the guns only had about 20 mile range. Can not find any information about us being there. Our sections Sargent’s wife was from Erlangen, which made it a lot of fun. Her mom owned a guesthoust there.

  3. Hello
    My name is Sandra. My fiance family (Lewis) was there 73′-76′. He often reminisce of the time he spent there as a pre-teen.
    For Xmas I’m creating him a wall of his past and present adventures in his man cave. I would love to include some pictures from that era at Ferris. If you have a few pictures of the base that you would be willing to share for his wall< I would greatly appreciated!

    1. William Pennington
      I was in bravo 3rd 34th armor.
      The best time of my life. Now 54, I turned 18 at Ferris Barracks my friends took me to Nuremberg to celebrate.

  4. I was a company clerk in B 1/46 from 1974 to 1976. It was a fantastic time to be there.

  5. I was stationed at Ferris Barracks in ’73 – ’74, 1/35 Armor B Co as a company clerk and later HQ Company. I remember the Supply Building Fire! Great place to relive my memories.

  6. I was at the 564th medical detacment, at the 20th station Hospital, and lived at O’Darby kassern from 1966 to 1967, E 4 dental lab tech,,,Jack Johnsen

  7. I was stationed at Ferris barracks from 1970-1973. 1st AD 35th Armor, Charlie Co. At that time my crew ( I was an Sgt. E5 tank commander) appropriately named Company Clowns sank a M60 in a bog while on maneuvers. We received the Golden shovel award!.

  8. Good morning all. Great day this morning. Just finished mowing the lawn, now a little time for the old days which I miss.

  9. Name: Thomas Porter
    Email: tporter@gg-i.com
    Site: http://
    Location: Fort Worth, Texas, USA
    Comments: Back in 1951-53, I was an Army brat living in Erlangen. This was before they built dependent housing, so our family lived at 8 Atzelsberger Steige, west of Strawberry Hill. The neighborhood had American families scattered throughout it. This was still during the military occupation and the large cities had extensive war damage. I’ve always felt fortunate to have been in Germany at this time and remember it fondly.

  10. Name: Scott McCall
    Email: scottym37@hotmail.com
    Site: http://
    Location: Ukiah, CA.,
    Comments: Was a Ferris Barracks from 1984 to 1986 with C co. 2/81 ar.. The best place I was every stationed, remember very good times! Great exchange rate, great time to be there.

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