19 thoughts on “FERRIS BARRACKS

  1. Good morning all. Great day this morning. Just finished mowing the lawn, now a little time for the old days which I miss.

  2. Name: Thomas Porter
    Email: tporter@gg-i.com
    Site: http://
    Location: Fort Worth, Texas, USA
    Comments: Back in 1951-53, I was an Army brat living in Erlangen. This was before they built dependent housing, so our family lived at 8 Atzelsberger Steige, west of Strawberry Hill. The neighborhood had American families scattered throughout it. This was still during the military occupation and the large cities had extensive war damage. I’ve always felt fortunate to have been in Germany at this time and remember it fondly.

  3. Name: Scott McCall
    Email: scottym37@hotmail.com
    Site: http://
    Location: Ukiah, CA.,
    Comments: Was a Ferris Barracks from 1984 to 1986 with C co. 2/81 ar.. The best place I was every stationed, remember very good times! Great exchange rate, great time to be there.

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