United States Army military installation located in the Sandhofen district of Mannheim, Germany. It is assigned to U.S. Army, Europe (USAREUR) and administered by the U.S. Army Installation Management Command-Europe (IMCOM-E). Coleman Barracks should not be confused with the former “Coleman Kaserne”, located in Gelnhausen.


Mannheim is located at the confluence of the Rhine and the Neckar in the Kurpfalz (Electoral Palatinate) region of northwestern Baden-Württemberg. The city lies in the Upper Rhine Plain, Germany’s warmest region.


11 thoughts on “COLEMAN BARRACKS

  1. I was stationed at Taylor Barracks from May 92 thru May 94. I was at HQ 42 MP Group when I got there, but a few months later we reflagged as HQ 14th MP Brigade. We ran the prison at Coleman. I took a college course at Coleman in the fall of 92 and met two amazing women. Lori King was an Airman who worked at the weather station at Coleman. She was amazing in every way. We lost contact with each other when I had to go home on emergency leave. It was very sudden and I was gone for 45 days. When I got back, I was never able to locate her to explain why I hadn’t been around. I would love to hear from her again someday. She was a great friend, and soo much more. I’ve missed her. The other woman was the daughter of an ex soldier who got married and stayed in Germany. Her name was Lara Lambert. She was a great friend also. I never got to say a proper goodbye to either of them, or to get contact info so we could stay in touch over the years. They were both strong amazing women, and had big plans for the future. I’ve always wondered how things turned out for them. We had soo much fun together. I miss my time in Germany. I had a long and very eventful military career, but the bast part of it was the two years I spent in Mannheim Germany.

  2. I was stationed at Coleman Barracks 78/79 I was C Company 2nd Battalion 13th Infantry. I really enjoyed German. Most of my days were training and a lot of bivwack out in the field for days at a time. I would do it again especially if I was with the same unit and fellow Soldiers. Got my Honorable Discharge due to a field training injury.

  3. I was stationed at Coleman Barracks in 1970, worked as a clerk in the aircraft parts warehouse. Col. O.B. Butler was commander of the US Army Aviation Maintenance Command (USAMAC). I worked for Capt. Alan Walker and Master Sergeant Ferguson. Capt. Walker was a rotary wing pilot. I lived in an apartment in Sandhoffen with my wife. I was honorably discharged as a Spec. 5, 71L20.

  4. My adopted Grandparents adopted a German boy(my father) when stationed at this base. Is there a way to see his adoption papers? Now that my Grandparents have passed I wanted to see if I could find any of biological family in Germany. My dads birthday is March 6, 1949. His adopted parents Sir name is Boyles. Thank you for any information or direction you might be able to provide.

  5. I was stationed in Germersheim, detached from 1st infantry at Colman in Mannheim. Is that Kasern still there?

  6. Hallo ,ich benötige Ihre Hilfe.
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        1. I was stationed at Coleman Barracks, June 1973 to November 1974. I was chaplain assistant to Lt. Col. Lukazewski and Capt. Pond, and was in charge of the chapel office. I made great friends and have great memories.

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