7 thoughts on “FERRIS BARRACKS

  1. Hallo zusammen!
    Mein Name ist Sabine und ich bin auf der Suche nach einem Arthur James Harris (Spitzname war Lee). Er war 1991 hier in Deutschland stationiert in der 529th Ordnance Company. Viel mehr weiß ich leider nicht, nur dass er öfter mit Errol Bowen unterwegs war. Es wäre toll wenn mir jemand helfen könnte. Vielleicht hat ja jemand noch ein Foto oder kann mir sagen was aus ihm geworden ist.

    Hi, everyone!
    My name is Sabine and I am looking for an Arthur James Harris (nickname was Lee). He was stationed here in Germany in 1991 in the 529th Ordnance Company. Unfortunately, I don’t know much more, only that he was often on the road with Errol Bowen. It would be great if someone could help me. Maybe someone has a photo or can tell me what happened to it.

  2. A Co 1/46 Infantry Jan 73-Aug 74, last of the Draftees “Viet Nam Era” came accross this site, sorry to see the barracks gone. Crazy but fond memories of this time. Love to hear from anyone who would remember me, The people that can name the places we went have good memory banks!! Georges, Black Bear, Pizza Bar on and on it goes. We use to go to Forcheim to a “Disco” my last 6-8 months. (That was some fun time) Froberg, Chuck Tennant, Baker, Mike Cox, Chavez, “Flip” Rushton, Mike Kapun, were a few of the crew that I had some good times with. Thanks to SSgt Ramos and Sgt Johnston for teaching me the values at 19 years old that I still carry today. They were great.
    Charlie cjdorman@comcast.net

  3. 404th MP 1970s Michael Klima, served with Desi, Andy Rael, Ralph Austin, Fred Cherette and others.

  4. I was stationed at Ferris Barracks back in 1974 and stayed until 1978.
    C Company 2/28 Armor.

  5. I was Station at Ferris Barracks from Sept 1957 to July 1960 with the 4th A.D 50th Inf . It was much smaller then the pictures I see on this webb site. I remember the Gates & moter pool.Standing guard at the ammo Dump. Haveing to have a Pass to getout. Going to the Reichs Adler Bar (IT was Owen by a Sgt who stayed in Germany after he retird ) every sat night(Bar room Brawl) I remember the wall in Nurmburg also Nurmburg “ANNIE”(She married A GI and lives in Cincinnati Ohio 1965) You got paid in FUNNY army Money You Could buy 4 German Marks for One US Dollar Party a Week On $20.00 Dollers. Your Army Pay was $74.00 To $100.00 A month (PFC To Cpl) . I was Very Happy to Come home to the USA

  6. ON PAGE 2 ARNOLD SHAW PHOTOS; I remember Arnold Shaw. He was a Medic at Ferris Barracks. I seen his photo posting on Page 2 of Ferris Barracks. I seen him again about 15 years ago at Fort Knox, Kentucky at a reunion.

    1. It appears that there are no former members that were assigned with the
      51st Infantry 4th Armored Div. 1963-1965 at Ferris Barracks’s.
      Miss our Tailor Phil and my lost girlfriend I left behind with a daughter. She worked at the Commissary and we had an apt in buchenhoff.
      I left to Vietnam but cou not return until 1971. Did not find her or my daughter. Her name is Gerlinde A. Wirth. My daughter’s name is, Andrea
      Wirth Cirilo

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