Formerly part of the United States Army Würzburg military community, it was a 1st ID garrison since 1996 and prior to that it was home to 3rd ID 2nd Brigade. Originally built in 1917, the installation served as a training school for German pilots in World War I. The German Luftwaffe used the base a generation later to train the pilots of dive bombers and pursuit planes during World War II. The Americans took control in April 1945 and used it as an air base until being turned over to the 1st ID in 1947.


36 thoughts on “HARVEY BARRACKS

  1. 1984-1986. B Co. 2d FSB, 3d ID
    I lived at Larson Barracks and worked at Harvey Barracks. I drove a cargo duece to get to work & back, loaded up with troops. 45K (Tank Turret Repairman). A lot of field duty, but the best place I’ve been stationed!!

    1. I was a military dependent there, 1965 to 1968. Ages 9 thu 12, I loved every minute. The other barracks is the “Larson”. Can never forget the place !

  2. My name is Spencer Barrett…..The son of an E-9 in the 35th Engineers/Kitzingen. We lived in Army provided housing and I still remember liking it there. I am 75 yrs. old and the time I spent there was in 1955-1957. Fond memories, but seeing all the bombed out destruction in Wurzburg was somewhat depressing.

  3. was stationed there from 1964 thru 1965 then went back to Ohio on emergency leave in 1965 then went to Ft Hayes in Columbus OHio to finish out my time till 1966

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