4 thoughts on “HARVEY BARRACKS

  1. Stationed at Harvey Barracks 1974-1976. Lived off post in Grosslangheim. Frequented the Zum Hirshen and Adler guesthouses. Traveled throughout Germany, Austria, Holland and Denmark. What a wonderful time in my life. Sad that Harvey’s closed now but I’ll always have the memories. Hope to go back and visit sometime soon.
    John Block
    703rd Maintenance Battalion

  2. Station in headquarters headquarters coming first and the 15th I thought the weather was beautiful that you’re 1974

  3. Stationed at Harvey Barracks assigned to HQ 703rd Maintenance Battalion from 83-86, great memories of Germany and friends made there still in contact today. Started in the motor pool as a 63B (Light wheel vehicle, Power generation mechanic) working on Vietnam era jeeps before Ronald Reagan began to modernize our aging equipment with the first Humvees. I made Sgt while there after attending PLDC and later becoming my units NBC chief. Lived both in the barracks and downtown Kitzingen where my son was born in Wurzburg hospital.

  4. Stationed there in the 70’s, (cold and rainy). 66th
    Maintain Co. Sgt Cywinski.

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