Fliegerhorst Kaserne in Erlensee (formerly Langendiebach), Germany. Was a US Army base and Army airfield in Germany from 1945 to 2007. Among the units stationed there was the HQ and A Company, 122nd Maintenance Battalion, 3rd Armor Division.



  1. Was with HQ Btry 2/75th building 1367 from 1964 to 1967. First Shirt was Jacob J. Amaro, Btry CO was Capt Jenks. Some of my buddies were Thomas Spitzley (COVID took him home to God last year), Milton Milstead, Msgt Church, Sgt Hoger, an Indian we called DULL KNIFE (cANT REMEMBRER HIS REAL NAME, BEST TIME OF MY ARMY LIFE! I totally loved my time there!!!

  2. i was station with the 3/59 Headquarters co. ada from 1972 to 1974 is there anyone else station in that time frame

    1. Hey, Jack, yes I was at Fligerhorst in the 122 maintenance battalion Sept 1972 to Jan 1975. Jim Curtis. Also worked in the GYM.

      1. I was a cook in the mess hall from 71 -74. I remember the Kennedy mess hall but the one I was at, I can’t remember. Does anyone on here remember the name.. I remember the boxing matches in the gym and the drag races at the air field..

        1. My father Jim Patrick was also an NCO cook at that time in the early seventies. We lived there on Fliegerhorst. I really loved that time in my life.

        2. I don’t remember the name of the mess hall. I have thought about it but just can’t remember it.
          Sorry. There were so many memories there.

          1. One of the Mess Halls was named JFK MESS and the other was REDLEG INN!! I ate in bother places sometimes but most of the time I ate at the EM CLUB.

            1. EM CLUB back in 64 / 67 was called [ THE MODERNAIR ] I worked there as a MA then as asst. night mgr. with 2 AIr Force guys who were assighned to the 503 rd. as tower and air traffic controllers… a German Named Rudi Brendal was the manager.

              1. I remember well, the EM club. I was assigned to the 503rd, in the Mohawk unit, Feb. ’64 to May ’65 when I rotated out. Draft beer as I remember was 10 cents a glass….Wow! ….and also ate many meals there — good entertainment as I recall.

    1. I also was in service battery 2/75. 1984/1985. Capt Perkins. I disliked him.

        1. I was there in 71-74. 2/75th B battery. I was a cook in the mess hall right behind the barracks. Do you remember the name of the mess hall. I worked there but don’t remember the name of it. I do remember the Kennedy mess hall.

    2. I was stationed with HQ BTRY 2/75 FA from 1977-1978. Anyone out there in that time frame looking for Jimmy Trivett from Tennessee and Rodney Button from Oklahoma

    3. I was in 2/75th FA 1982-1984. I was the battalion redeployment specialist in HQ.

  3. My Dad, Hans Helmling, was stationed at Fliegerhorst from 1958-1960. Would anyone here remember him? He is 87 now and would love to connect with someone there during that time. Thank you!

    1. My dad was stationed there 59 to 61 his name was John Amorin I don’t know if anybody would remember him

  4. I was there from 71-74 in B co 122 mt bn ,service section. I went back in 2017 and some of it looked the same .

        1. Was this ming who had all the stereo stuff? I was Overby down in commo. I got photos around here somewhere. I was there from 75 to 78. I got to drive the goat in a btry.

    1. John, Jim Curtis, I was there 72-75 in 122 mt bn, worked in s2-3 with Roger Stanly and Lt Throgmorton, and the gym Jerry Mathews.

  5. I remember going to the snack bar on the flight line 1966. The best BLT’S in Germany.

    1. Jake, I rotated out of the 503rd Avn. Bat. in May of 1965. The Restaurant on the flight line used to have a “steak night” once a week — I think Mondays. Excellent. I was in the Mohawk group.

  6. I wonder . . .
    As a kid I was there 1971-72. There were/are at least 5, maybe SEVEN underground levels below the old hangers. The Germans used to flood the airfield when the allies would fly over so it would look like a lake.
    The 7 levels were booby-trapped & flooded when the allies came. No one was ever able to figure out where the water was coming from. The US Army sealed off all but the upper 2 or 3 levels. I remember staring at the big sealed door leading below, its surface beaded with condensation. The story was that right before they flooded it, the Germans moved & mothballed a lot of equipment down there for the coming of the 4th Reich. It still should be there because, as far as I’ve been able to find out, only a few know about those underground levels, much less even tried to open it up. I’ve often wondered what an ROV would find down there. The last German who knew where the boobytraps were died in the hospital, and (again, according to the tale at the time) never gave up his secrets.

    The only hint I’ve heard about those lower levels is that a truck “fell” through – dropped a wheel or two – out in the airfield back in the 80’s.

    I think even the Germans have forgotten it; or else that’s why they won’t build there anymore.

    1. I was a Radar Tech with ‘C’ Battery, 6th Bn, 59th Arty., a Hawk Anti-Aircraft unit. Time frame, Dec ’66 to Nov 68. Our Battery was located just to the west of the airfield. I think it was in ’68 that they were improving the runway at the airport and in the construction process a huge unexploded bomb was found deep in the ground. I remember several manhole covers in and around our Site that were part of the underground hangar system from WWII. There was also a brass azimuth ring that was set in concrete just outside the gate to our Site. Our barracks was located close to the main gate and it had connecting tunnels to the underground hangar, which had been sealed off sometime after the War ended. That connecting tunnel had to be at least a mile long. I have viewed a video that featured Fliegerhorst and it was so changed that I would never have recognized it.

      1. I was there from Feb 67 to Feb 69 assigned to Hq Btry 6th Bn 59th Arty Hawk Missiles DSP. Third echelon support For the CWAR radar and the IFF for all the Hawk Batterys. Was at C Battery many times.

    2. Wild I herd the same exact story. I still tell that story to family and friend until today

    3. I remember when I was there in 1981 with Bco 122 maintenance, our main shop was in some sort of hangar and they told us that there was flooded hangars below us! We used to watch the races on the airfield, which I heard that they would flood during bomb raids!

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