Fliegerhorst Kaserne in Erlensee (formerly Langendiebach), Germany. Was a US Army base and Army airfield in Germany from 1945 to 2007. Among the units stationed there was the HQ and A Company, 122nd Maintenance Battalion, 3rd Armor Division.



  1. My Dad, Hans Helmling, was stationed at Fliegerhorst from 1958-1960. Would anyone here remember him? He is 87 now and would love to connect with someone there during that time. Thank you!

    1. My dad was stationed there 59 to 61 his name was John Amorin I don’t know if anybody would remember him

  2. I was there from 71-74 in B co 122 mt bn ,service section. I went back in 2017 and some of it looked the same .

        1. Was this ming who had all the stereo stuff? I was Overby down in commo. I got photos around here somewhere. I was there from 75 to 78. I got to drive the goat in a btry.

  3. I remember going to the snack bar on the flight line 1966. The best BLT’S in Germany.

    1. Jake, I rotated out of the 503rd Avn. Bat. in May of 1965. The Restaurant on the flight line used to have a “steak night” once a week — I think Mondays. Excellent. I was in the Mohawk group.

  4. I wonder . . .
    As a kid I was there 1971-72. There were/are at least 5, maybe SEVEN underground levels below the old hangers. The Germans used to flood the airfield when the allies would fly over so it would look like a lake.
    The 7 levels were booby-trapped & flooded when the allies came. No one was ever able to figure out where the water was coming from. The US Army sealed off all but the upper 2 or 3 levels. I remember staring at the big sealed door leading below, its surface beaded with condensation. The story was that right before they flooded it, the Germans moved & mothballed a lot of equipment down there for the coming of the 4th Reich. It still should be there because, as far as I’ve been able to find out, only a few know about those underground levels, much less even tried to open it up. I’ve often wondered what an ROV would find down there. The last German who knew where the boobytraps were died in the hospital, and (again, according to the tale at the time) never gave up his secrets.

    The only hint I’ve heard about those lower levels is that a truck “fell” through – dropped a wheel or two – out in the airfield back in the 80’s.

    I think even the Germans have forgotten it; or else that’s why they won’t build there anymore.

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