6 thoughts on “ARTILLERY KASERNE

  1. I was with the 867th FA BN and we first went to AK in late l954. I stayed there until January 1956. The 280 MM atomic cannon was the principal reason we were in Germany. There were six BN with 280MM Btry in Germany beginning in l953. I think they were phased out sometime early l960’s

  2. So many familiar faces, so long ago. RIP for the brothers and sisters who are no longer with us. SVC 3/84th FA EC 1979-83 and 1985-1987.

  3. My first active Army Duty Station, March 1971-Sept 1974, Artillery Kaserne, Neckarsulm, Germany !!!

    1. Pershing one of the Beat assignment I had. Friends that I made made things we’ve done and accomplished while over in Germany at AK. To all my Pershing brothers and sisters, still with us or have passed. I raid my glass to you. “We gave peace a chance. AK 83-91

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