17 thoughts on “ARTILLERY KASERNE

  1. Was stationed there from Oct 85 – Dec 1988. Was in C Co 38th Sig Bn that supported you all with commo. Had a great time when I was there. Great place and location.

  2. I was there from april 1965 to oct 1965 d brty commo great time and freinds

  3. Stationed on AK From 1982 to 1986 HHSB (S4) for 14 months then with Delta Btry, Supply Sgt, for the rest of my tour.

    1. Enjoyed my tour of duty. Extended 1 yr. 1986-1990 This was equivalent to my college years. This time groomed me as a soldier and a person.

  4. My mother, then 16, sang at 18 songs at the Neckarsulm Service Club on 14 Aug 1952, during a summer abroad trip she won in high school.

  5. HHSB
    AK Kaserne

    God knows I miss that place and all the friends to this day. Good times, even the bad days!

  6. first duty station. great people and learned alot about myself and my unit. c-55 84-89

  7. I was with the 867th FA BN and we first went to AK in late l954. I stayed there until January 1956. The 280 MM atomic cannon was the principal reason we were in Germany. There were six BN with 280MM Btry in Germany beginning in l953. I think they were phased out sometime early l960’s

  8. So many familiar faces, so long ago. RIP for the brothers and sisters who are no longer with us. SVC 3/84th FA EC 1979-83 and 1985-1987.

    1. Sgt. Dave Epperson, service battery 1968 1971 3/84th FA wonderful years and great friends

      1. Dave, I’ve looked all over for you. Today on the bus ride back to our car from a Montana grizzly football game low and behold there was a post from you. I hope you are alive and well. I live n missoula Montana and you can contact me through vrbo 187734. Where are you? Still in ca? Jerry Bender

  9. My first active Army Duty Station, March 1971-Sept 1974, Artillery Kaserne, Neckarsulm, Germany !!!

    1. Pershing one of the Beat assignment I had. Friends that I made made things we’ve done and accomplished while over in Germany at AK. To all my Pershing brothers and sisters, still with us or have passed. I raid my glass to you. “We gave peace a chance. AK 83-91

    2. My only active duty. Fall 1972 – July 1974. Svc Btry. 46N20 Pershing Electrical/ Mechanical Repair.

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