Army Ranks – Enlisted and Officer, from Lowest to Highest

Pay GradeInsigniaRankAbbreviationClassification2020 Pay Range
E-1No InsigniaPrivatePVTEnlisted Soldier$1,733 per month
E-2Insignia of an Army Private Second ClassPrivate Second ClassPV2Enlisted Soldier$1,943 per month
E-3Insignia of an Army Private First ClassPrivate First ClassPFCEnlisted Soldier$24,512 – $27,634 per year
E-4Insignia of an Army SpecialistSpecialistSPCEnlisted Soldier$27,151 – $32,958 per year
E-4Insignia of an Army CorporalCorporalCPLNoncommissioned Officer$27,151 – $32,958 per year
E-5Insignia of an Army SergeantSergeantSGTNoncommissioned Officer$29,610 – $42,023 per year
E-6Insignia of an Army Staff SergeantStaff SergeantSSGNoncommissioned Officer$32,324 – $50,065 per year
E-7Insignia of an Army Sergeant First ClassSergeant First ClassSFCNoncommissioned Officer$37,372 – $67,169 per year
E-8Insignia of an Army Master SergeantMaster SergeantMSGNoncommissioned Officer$53,762 – $76,676 per year
E-8Insignia of an Army First SergeantFirst Sergeant1SGNoncommissioned Officer$53,762 – $76,676 per year
E-9Insignia of an Army Sergeant MajorSergeant MajorSGMNoncommissioned Officer$65,675 – $101,970 per year
E-9Insignia of an Army Command Sergeant MajorCommand Sergeant MajorCSMNoncommissioned Officer$65,675 – $101,970 per year
E-9Insignia of an Army Sergeant Major of the ArmySergeant Major of the ArmySMANoncommissioned Officer (Special)$65,675 – $101,970 per year
W-1Insignia of an Army Warrant Officer 1Warrant Officer 1WO1Warrant Officer$38,556 – $66,625 per year
W-2Insignia of an Army Chief Warrant Officer 2Chief Warrant Officer 2CW2Warrant Officer$43,927 – $73,318 per year
W-3Insignia of an Army Chief Warrant Officer 3Chief Warrant Officer 3CW3Warrant Officer$49,644 – $87,080 per year
W-4Insignia of an Army Chief Warrant Officer 4Chief Warrant Officer 4CW4Warrant Officer$54,360 – $101,254 per year
W-5Insignia of an Army Chief Warrant Officer 5Chief Warrant Officer 5CW5Warrant Officer$96,656 – $126,482 per year
O-1Insignia of an Army Second LieutenantSecond Lieutenant2LTCommissioned Officer$39,445 – $49,637 per year
O-2Insignia of an Army First LieutenantFirst Lieutenant1LTCommissioned Officer$45,450 – $62,896 per year
O-3Insignia of an Army CaptainCaptainCPTCommissioned Officer$52,600 – $85,576 per year
O-4Insignia of an Army MajorMajorMAJField Officer$59,825 – $99,889 per year
O-5Insignia of an Army Lieutenant ColonelLieutenant ColonelLTCField Officer$69,336 – $117,799 per year
O-6Insignia of an Army ColonelColonelCOLField Officer$83,174 – $147,244 per year
O-7Insignia of an Army Brigadier GeneralBrigadier GeneralBGGeneral Officer$109,681 – $163,872 per year
O-8Insignia of an Army Major GeneralMajor GeneralMGGeneral Officer$131,994 – $190,289 per year
O-9Insignia of an Army Lieutenant GeneralLieutenant GeneralLTGGeneral Officer$186,552 – $197,302 per year
O-10Insignia of an Army GeneralGeneralGENGeneral Officer$16,442 per month
O-10Insignia of an Army General of the ArmyGeneral of the ArmyGAGeneral Officer$16,442 per month

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