The Air Support Operations Center AN/TSQ-209 Communication Central system was designed and deployed by the National Security Division?s Integrated Defense Systems. The Air Support Operations Center or ASOC is an Air Force unit collocated with the Land Component Commander, responsible for managing air assets in support of ground maneuver. By January 2001, the INEEL has fielded six units, two each at Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina, Fort Hood in Texas and Sullivan Barracks in Viernheim, Germany. Six more were in the works for 604 th ASOS at Camp Red Cloud in Korea, 111 th ASOS at Ft. Lewis, Washington and for the 182 ASOS Unit in Illinois. Each base receives two units for tactical ?leap-frogging?. One AN/TSQ-209 could be deployed and as the troops advance, the second would follow the maneuver units as the corps moves forward and become the primary unit.