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  1. During my 37 year career in the Army I served in Hawkins Barracks Oberammergau, was shipped to Germany in 1956 with the advance party of the 11 th Abn div, was at Ft Jackson with the 101st and I think the people in charge of the 11th thought I was jump qualified but I wasn’t so they assigned me to the INTMP&SW school in Ogau was there until Jul;y 1959. Served tours in Bremerhaven, Karlsruhe, Giessen, Zweibruecken, Kaiserslautern and really loved Germany, hated stateside duty, too chicken Sh for my taste. Retired as a GS12/10m after 37,years of service , from Ft Lee VA.

    1. Sorry Folks I left out Nurenberg, was the property book Officer for the 3rd Battalion 17th Artillery, in Merrell Barracks, we spent a lot of time in The training areas like Graph, Hohenfels, and Wild flicken( We called it wild Chicken).

  2. Stationed at Conn Barracks 1970 HHB 3/7 ADA BOC and then Grafenwöhr 1971-1972 HHB 6/60 ADA BOC HAWK

  3. I am a German citizen and used to play racquetball in Hamburg in 1980’s and 1990’s. We had many tournaments with US soldiers from different barracks. It was great to meet all these people!!

  4. Boy it’s a wet morning here in Indianapolis. About the only thing I have to look forward to today is this site. It’s so large I’ve barley seen anything at all. I start my day every day looking through these old memories. Thanks for the great memories. Loved my time in Germany. It’s been many years since I was there, but I haven’t forgotten anything about the place.

  5. One of the best birthday parties I ever had, was in Dörfleins Germany at the Eichhorn Gasthaus. My wife’s Uncle thew the party for me. Main course was wild boar and all the drinks you could drink. It lasted for hours. Never had a party like that before and I haven’t had one since. I always look forward to going back but the Uncle is no longer with us, so its not really the same anymore.

  6. Hello, do anybody know a soldiers who was called Steven Larry? or Robert Jackson? I searched for the persons a long time. Thank you for your reply via Email, if someone have some information for me.

  7. I have a question: Is it possible that a soldier was kidnapped in Syrian and the kidnapper will have money from the wive otherwise they will killed him and if he inform the us army they also will killed him? The Army don’t know where our soldiers work and go around a war zone? Thank you for further information via email.

  8. Me originally from Jersey Shore arrived in Germany back in the summer of 93′. I was stationed at Darby Kaserne from 93′ till late 95′ then moving up to Schweinfurt for my last year in the military. In Fürth, I was in the 218th MP Co with HQ out of Augsburg. I was the last MP patrolling Ferris Barracks in Erlangen and the last 3 patrolling Darby. I married a German, raised 3 kids and stayed in Germany. Schöne Grüße aus Mittelfrankend und Prost an alle.

  9. Hi all, LTC (R) Rick Williams stationed at 1/1 Cav, A and B Troops 1985 – 1989. Col Meigs, Cpt Moyer, Pope, Rossi and 1Lt Dan Bowen, Todd Kilmer, etc. PCS’d prior to Katterbach move.

  10. Stationed at Ferris Barracks Erlangen Germany 1974 to 1978 in C Company 2/81 Armor. Loved the place. Used to hang out at the Goldener Hecht in downtown Erlangen. Most of the GI’s called the place the Golden Hex. It was ran by a lady named Rosie and the bartender was Kurt.

  11. Hi, could you also add the category local training area and depots?
    If there were LTA Heinberg Nürnberg / Fuerth, LTA Schwabach and Zennwald Depot Burgfarnbach/Fuerth!

    1. People need to email photos and give me some advice on the kaserne they would like to see on here. All I know about are the kasernes where I’ve been.

  12. Katterbach Army Airbase 86-89, Stork Barracks 92-98 as contractor(back in the day when we were the go to guy’s loved and appreciated), Coleman barracks 2010 – 2011, Hohenfel 2011-2012 Dyncorp

  13. I was stationed at pinder from 1979to1982 with A battery 1/22 fa.We lived in graf seemed like 6 months out of the year putting steel down range,All the fun rail head rides to Vilseck staging area. All the kids coming up to the train,we’d trade unit crest for beer,or ask them if they had an older sister.I loved white bag country shooting,the direct fire range.I was a gunner with the 2nd howitzer section.This site brings back so many memories,it’s just like yesterday,staggering back from Elies bar crawling through the many holes in the fence.Anyone remember the Ponderosa club? country western joint.I coudn’t stay out of fights there.I’de allways hook up with a German girl with a jealous soccer type boy friend,but I handled my own.Gun Dogs,Red Legs,Gun Bunnies, what ever you titled us we were a tough breed.Hell look at the shit and missery we went through out in the field.I could go on and on with all the shit me and my buddies did.Miss the beer tent and the carnival coming on post during German American week,WOW!!!!!!Want to say Hi, to Steven Smith,Gabe Labrada,Maspo from Maine{damn good arm wrestler},SSG Boyd and so many others I’m bad with names but will never forget the rest of you.I still walk those cobble stone streets in my dreams,went to nuremburg many times,wont mention the WALL,If anyone remembers me SGT Bower.

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