Located in the outer Stuttgart district of Möhringen, Helenen Kaserne (the German name for the installation) officially opened May 7, 1938, housing members of the 5th Air Signal Regiment of the Luftwaffe. On December 5, 1945 Helenen Kaserne became an American installation, initially part of Stuttgart Post. The 7700th Troop Information and Education Group of the US Army became the first permanently assigned unit in 1947. From 1948 to 1951 the US Constabulary occupied the post.


Ayers Kaserne at Kirch-Göns, Germany was a U.S. Army installation built in 1952 as part of the major construction efforts under the U.S. Army troop augmentation program of the early 1950s, occupied by the 22nd Regimental Combat Team of the Fourth infantry Division until May, 1956, and by the Third U.S. Armored Division in 1956 and then home to Combat Command A, 3rd Armored Division was stationed at Ayers Kaserne beginning 12 May 1956.