84 thoughts on “BARRACKS JARGON

  1. I don’t know much about the Army now, but in the 60’s and 70’s most of the jargon was spread in the latrine. Back then in the old barracks the toilets were lined along the walls. about 10 on each side facing each other. Everyone had a conversation while doing their business. There were a few always giving advice about the army, that’s where the term “Shit House Lawyer” came from.

    1. You are right there. I met quit a few shit house lawyers in my time in the army, but never followed their advice. It got you in trouble most of the time if you listened to these guys.

      1. You can say that again. It got me in trouble before. Never listened to them again.

  2. Haven’t seen any posts from Illesheim vets yet! I was there (A Co., 2nd Bn., 51st. Inf) from Dec. 1970 to Jan 1972. I was a wheel and tracked vehicle mechanic and worked in the motor pool at the western most part of the post. We spent a lot of our off duty time in Bad Windsheim at the “Green Tree” gasthaus for foosball and schnitzel. Would be glad to hear from anyone stationed there. God Bless!!


  4. WOW !, after all these years! I was stationed in HHC 2/81 S-3 for my first year there, 1984, I was assigned to the Air Force, ALO. They where a great bunch to work with. Then I was re-assigned to C co. 2/81 Armor, where I meet some of the best solider’s I ever worked with in my career. SFC Sebeck, 1Sgt. Kilanski, Pfc Larry Ward, Pfc Hulverson, Pfc Huffaker, Pfc Stremmel, Pvt Garcia, Pfc Morales, Sp4 Tennell and the one and only Sgt. Applegate. 86-87. The pizza bar down at the end of the strasse my main man at the pizza bar aka Mono. and the chicken man, halb henchen 5 mark. pomme frites mit cheese and mayo. und ein heffe wiezen, bitte. And the infamous NCO club, with the Long Island ice teas, and the blood alley. I Remember Graf. Tank Table VIII. shooting a 988 out of 1000. On the Xo’s tank. C-65 the caboose.

  5. I was stationed at Fort Knox twice, Fort Ben Harrison 2 twice, Fort Benning Ga, Di Fong Bein Dong Vietnam, Fort Bliss Texas, Fort Hood Texas, Fort Polk La, and over 4 years in Germany. Over all a pretty exciting experience. Oh yes I forgot I was stationed in Indianapolis on recruiting duty for 3 years.

  6. Lot of people hitting the Stammstisch page. Not so many visiting the Army Barracks Visitor Log. Just saying, never can tell what pages get the most visits.

  7. Great site. I’ve seen a lot of places on here that I remember well. Some really great photos on here. If I can round all of mine up, I may send a few. I’d like to see some of my photos on here.

  8. Good morning everyone. Just checking in for the day. I visit this site often.

  9. We’re getting some good replies on our pages. Quite a few people hitting this website. Sometimes up to 5 thousand a day. Glad to see everybody showing some interest. If you want to see how many a replying, check out the COMMENT PAGE, it shows the comments from all over this site.

  10. This is a great site, I realy enjoyed it. I was stationed at Ferris Barracks with D Co. 123rd Maint. Bn. from 1976-1979. I worked in the Small Arms Shop.

  11. WOW!!! This site is really getting better and better each week. Just wanted to know if you would be interested in selling us (military people) some shirts? Or maybe some hats or something that would be real kool!!! Keep up the great work. And I love the pics you have on this site.

  12. Me originally from Jersey Shore arrived in Germany back in the summer of 93′. I was stationed at Darby Kaserne from 93′ till late 95′ then moving up to Schweinfurt for my last year in the military. In Fürth, I was in the 218th MP Co with HQ out of Augsburg. I was the last MP patrolling Ferris Barracks in Erlangen and the last 3 patrolling Darby. I married a German, raised 3 kids and stayed in Germany. Schöne Grüße aus Mittelfrankend und Prost an alle.

  13. Guess I’ll finally put an entry in here, after all I’m the one that made it. Joined the Army 1963. Had a lot of different jobs in the Army, but end up as 19E40 in 1972. Stayed in that for quite awhile until going on recruiting duty in 1978 and stayed till I got out.

  14. Feel free to jump on here. We’re always glad to see something new on here. Let us know what your thoughts are.

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