1. Ayers Kaserne 1987-1989; C co, 305th (FSB or CSB??). Many great memories & wonderful people!
    SSG Pacheco scared the sh*t out of me! Learned so very much from all of the great folks on Ayers Kaserne!

  2. I was stationed at herzo from 81 to 83. 3/37 artillery fire direction center. Spec. 4 michael Yates bravo Co. Would be great to hear from some old friends! My 2 roommates were Andrew Thomas from littleton col. and Mark McClure from st.paul mn.

  3. Warner Barracks

    Father stationed Bamberg, US Army CID Agent 1955-1958, again 1964-1967. My birth took place up the road a Nuremberg hospital. Haven’t been back since 1967, but comparing Youtube video I saw from about five years ago, all the old places still exist, but naturally, many physical changes have occurred (newer buildings, a lot of what was then trees/forest cut down/replaced by housing.)

    Left the US as an eight-year old boy in ’64, depressed to be leaving America behind, American tv & all my friends too. Housing unavailable at first, we lived in an rental owned by a German family in the small village of Kramersfeld (have been told Kramersfeld is now a part of Bamberg?) Next, we lived Officers Club quarters, then finally obtained military housing. We lived near the top of a street intersection, next to the highest-ranking officers (Generals) who lived top end of the road.

    The autobahn was pretty close from there/our housing, and my dad used to take me with him to Nuremberg, where he would play golf. Too, can still remember watching the ‘bumblebee’ marble I shot in my bedroom disappear into a small corner opening ‘tween moulding floor level, & bottom part the closet never to be seen again (it’s still lodged there, no doubt.) Can anyone tell me what the former US housing is used for today? My guess, apartments/housing for Germans.

    Summary, that upon arrival depression mine I referenced? By ’67 my departure, those three years Kramersfeld/Bamberg became/remain 55 years later now, the happiest years of my life. These my still fond memories an 11 year old when last there (never to return likely, but will always cherish.)

  4. Rodney Boone, 8-43 ADA headquarters 1987-1990 still rocking! Loved working here

  5. I was at Turley Barracks from 1972 till 1975 . Was in the 590th Transportation, we drove all over Germany ! Had some Great times there, I almost stayed in Germany, Loved it !

  6. Served in Illesheim, Dec. 70 to Jan. 72 as a tracked and wheeled vehicle mechanic. A Co., 2nd Bn., 51st Inf. Worked with Sgt. Vinings, Paul Mangiofico, Martin Rees, Charles Horton, Larry Waggoner, Landon Fowler and Steve Peterson. We would frequent the “Green Tree” gasthaus in Bad Windsheim and made several trips to Nurnberg and Rothenburg. Anyone there during that time?

  7. patrea.. 127th ag det postal. 1974-1976. miss Germany.. but the Army tried to mess with my life,they kicked out because they didnt honor my enlistment time., i had signed for 2 years and they tried to say id do 3, i was lied to,. but i got out, honorable discharge. the best part is my VA healthcare. at 67. does anyone remember me? anyone from my unit? i only knew one really good guy there . 94TH ARTY. Bob Crawford. i have the feeling hes not with us anymore because when i dated his decent self , he was 10 years older than i was.i miss Judy Ponder from my unit, she was from Georgia.

  8. Who are you @ Bat hq 2/37 June 66 to June 68????? Give to me a. Hint…..Do U recall # 1, Lt. Col. Phil Revolinsky — good man & Co.?…Blue blood, sadist, arrogant, 1st. Lt. John Curtis Sawyer (from JAX. Florida) also 1st. Horace Lee Baxley— An Alabama NG turned RA about when was an E-6 or E7….Always demanded to be addressed as”First Sgt”as was In boot camp…..He was an E-8 with NO medals. except his national defense —- sometime called “fire watch ribbon.. Ok”.He volunteered to go Viet Nam….mabey he got the Nam service ribbon….He & Sawyer & I did nott along. U C. I was AIRBORNE jump qualified as was one other guy named Kenney from Kansas City,. Mo. If they are still breathing air, they w/be about 85… Always wanted to — let’s say level the playing field…..please give me a hint….I remain Airborne+++How far++++ All the way–( only made 5 jumps)

  9. I served at “The Rock” from Nov 69 until Oct 72 with 2d In 33d Armor.

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