1. I was stationed at Pinder with Bravo Battery 6/1. Arrived in January of 1990 and was there until we moved to Rose Barracks. By then we were with the 3rd Infantry Division. I believe the 1st Armored had returned stateside. Those were some of the best years of my life.
    I recall going to the Nashville, Green Goose, the swimming pool. PT run alongside the road. Battalion formation on Warbonnet Field. I could go on and on but I’d probably run out of space.
    For those of you that had had the honor to serve with, how many remember Captain Kunzweiler, 1 sgt Heaverlo, 1 sgt. Martinez, Sgt. Murillo (short barrel-chested Panamanian)?

  2. John Corbin, Russel Hovatter, Michael O. (Frenchie), Big Horace, Art Parra, John Estrada, Rene Strait, Bill Jackson, Danny the mailman from 51st Maint. Batallion, 512 Maintenace Co.

    1. we lived HB 77 78 My Dad was SGM worked at Hq i worked at the DYA my other brother worked audio shop and other brother worked ski shop

  3. I was stationed at Wilkin Barracks in Kornwesthiem, West Germany in ‘73 & ‘74. Its just north of Stuttgart. I was assigned to A Company 365th Military Police Bn. I was 24 at the time. When I first got there all the barracks except HQ were in the middle of being renovated. In the HQ bldg on the first floor was a small one room PX on one end and an EM Club on the other. HQ was on the 2nd floor. When the barracks were completed there was a big ceremony. A large dedication plaque was unveiled on the corner of my building. It was promptly removed right after the ceremony. I remember when the outside fuel oil tank froze that winter and we did not have heat for several days. During the summer months the odor from the adjacent sheep farm was over powering. We watched movies (atfer standing for the National Antheim) at the Pattonville theater. Chased SMLM (Soviet Military Laizon Mission) vehicles on the autobahn. It was a wild time. Great memories. Its all gone now.

  4. I was stationed at Andrews Barracks from 1982 – 1985 with Company A and again from 1987 – 1992 with Company B, Company C and HHC OPNS BN. Worked at Field Station Berlin.

  5. I was stationed at Fulda from 1972 till 1974. I first arrived during the 14th ACR and was assigned to A Troop and shortly after it was reflagged by the 11th I was at C Troop until my ETS date September 1974.

  6. My name is Curtis Jackson and I was stationed at Herzogenaurach 1990-1992 C BATTERY 5TH/17TH FA if anyone was there during that time and remember me I would love to hear from you.

  7. Adopted in Germany by an American Army couple stationed in Stuttgart 1956. Place of birth Schwäbische Went to school on the post. Hall. My dad was again stationed in Nuremberg 1962. I have vague memories of a child. Christkindlesmarkt, the castle, the zoo, walking into town from our quarters (my mother didn’t drive) the gorgeous cathedral.

  8. I was stationed at Pinder Barracks from June 1985 to December 1986 (H.H.B. 1/22 F.A.) would like to hear from anyone that served during that time frame.

      1. Hey there, i was at leighton barracks 65-68 in 42nd finance and worked at theater, what was your unit?

  9. Was assigned to Svc 2/377 Animal house, A&T plt, 81-86. Had lots of good friends there. Good times and memories. Joe esteves, t bird, james grubb, sammy atlas, willy hill, jack frost, glen juarez…1sg pops Perry, bishop Johnson. BC CPT Rambis, many to remember. Left herzo in 86, went to Det in Holland.

  10. I was stationed with C Company 440th Signal Battalion 1970 till 1971; I since then found out my old Unit no longer exists, I hope only in the fact that we moved to another section of Germany.

  11. 47th Medical Bn. 71-73 Monteith BarracksRemember any of these people?LTC Buell
    CPT Churchill
    CPT Kanaly
    Lt Hamilton
    LT Moody
    1SG Reyer
    SFC Kish
    SSG Ross
    SGT Soper
    SGT Stewart
    Paul Martin
    Howard Tonahill
    Dan Griggs
    John Price
    Gary FranklinJust to mention a few…allan /nd:
    was Lt/Capt Churchill a long distance runner, who jogged with a great dane?

    1. The Long distance runner was Capt. Scott L Taylor. He also went in the Olympics.

      My name is Jerry, I was a mechanic in B Company. 47th med from 1971 to january 1974 i remeber griggs he was a generator mechanic in hq&a co smoked my first bowl of hash with him

    1. Yeh, some of them guest books date back to 2005 from the old website Nürnberg Military Area. When we closed that site for some reason we kept all the old guest books. Thought I’d put them on here for old times sake. Used to get a lot if entries by the thousands on them, but now days everyone goes to all the Facebook pages and talk up a storm but seldom leave anything on the real sites.

      1. I was stationed at Merrell Bks from 1980 to 83 in a Maintenance Battalion. Anyone else there at that time and place?

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