1. Love your website. I see that you are adding more to it all the time. Can’t wait to see some more of the stateside army posts on here. I may have a few photos I’ll be sending you. I would really be glad if you use them on this site.

  2. I know this is not about the old wooden barracks but I have to say I lived in them about half of the time I was in the army. Fort Knox, Fort Benning at Harmony Church, Fort Polk.

  3. Coleman barracks my 2nd and 4th assignment 1982-1983, 1986-1989,,,Lotsa good times and some not so good, lived off base near spinelli barracks 1st tour then benjamin franklin village.

  4. I know this is a message board but I didn’t mind the old barracks. Seem like being in the army more than the new ones that seem like a motel.

    2nd BATTALION 81st ARMOR


    1. I was in C Company 2-81 Armor 1974 to 1978 then left for recruiting duty in Indianapolis.

  6. i had two years at Pinder …… made friends with a lot of great people

  7. Looking for people who knew my dad. His name was Donald Burnett. I am not sure what barracks he was in but I do know that he was in 3rd Battalion 37th Armor Division.

    I want to say Company C, not sure though. He was popular with the ladies, and is said to have a child who was born in Germany, to a woman named Christina. I have her last name, but don’t think it appropriate to put on an open forum area.

    I remember daddy telling us stories about some things he and his buddies did, but unfortunately in my youth I never knew what information would be more valuable in the future.

    He was there, in Germany, in 1967-1968. He had a nickname, “Duck.” He loved to drink with his buddy “Tut”? I remember that name because I thought it sounded funny when I was a kid. I have some photos from his time in the service. I would like to share them with folks but not sure if I can do that here. I will be adding them to the account at, as soon as I figure out how to do that. I also have to drag them out of the attic. I believe there are names on some of the photos.

    Anyway, I love reading all of your comments.

  8. Fort Hood Texas
    2nd Brigade HQ
    Great time there. Was a jeep driver for S-3 Section. Lived off base on Church St. in Kileen. Might go back for a look around some day.

  9. WOW, Looking at all these photos sure brought back some old memories. First time over it was Merrell Barracks. Second time it was Erlangen at Ferris Barracks. Both were a joy to be at.

  10. Merrell was my first duty station. 84th engineers 2nd acr 1981-1983. Three blocks straight out the front door to The Cobra bar and grill. Some of the best times of my life. Fests, The Wall, the beer, whatelse can one ask for. I know Choking re…! I loved Nurnburg

  11. I just came across this site and had not known that Johnson barracks had been torn down. I had always hoped to take my daughter over to show her it. I served in Company C from January 1975 to July 1977 in 3rd squad 1st platoon.

  12. I am looking for Tony Rasgorshek (from NE) he was
    with the HHB 3/37 F.A. 88-89 (ish)
    if anyone is in contact with him – please e-mail.

    1. Looking for any fellow Troopers that served in the 9th Armored cav in Munich??

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