I was electronics repairman stationed in
    HQ company 1967 to 1969. I lived off post
    in high rise apartments in Erlangen with
    my new bride at the time (July 1967)
    Finding this site was the highlight of my
    day. Keep up the good work.


  3. “Third Heard” Troop B 1/1 CAV. Jan ’73 to July ’76. Left as commander of Brovo Three Six. What an incredible flood of memories and emotions came with the discovery of this site. Platoon Sgt was SFC Garry Foster. Lt. Kloecker was an Assbag. Best mess Sgt was Sgt Becky and his crew. Room mates were Gary Pearcy and Jesse Christensen.
    Paul & Marieanne(SP?)Childers, Steve Hawkins, “Ranger” Welch, George Kirshner, R.D. Frankeberger and so many more. I miss you guys. I miss the smell of Sheridans in the winter. I miss the day the arbutrator seal fell out of Three Two and the fireball in the turret when I fired the gun. I miss Akins always going so damn fast I couldn’t read the map. I miss little German kids getting us beer when we were on manuvers. I miss the snowball fight we got into with a bunch of German kids at a railhead starting back from the border. I miss “twenty cent chunks”. I miss Toucher & Leederbrau. I miss Brother Reiley getting real drunk down town and then listining to several hour of fire and brimstone sermons after he got back. I miss the night I got pukin’ sick on Boones Farm Concord Grape wine and puked out our window and down the front of the building. That big purple stripe was still on the front of the building when I left. I miss Volksmarches with Gary, Jesse, Hawkeye, Shorteye and The Ranger. I miss Mikes Pizza. He must have retired a millionare. Thanks for all the memories. Steve

  4. Hello guys you dont know me but I was at pinder from 76-79 in A/122and Svc 1/22 I know Will Deed and Sgt Joiner also Montgomry and addison also sgt cook and as a matter of fact I took ruckmans he was short when I got there
    he was in Ammo and sgt Frank was cheif of smoke also I know sgt cuto he was always beating on everybody and I also
    know Shannon and I talk to Deed from time to time he was a lifer did twenty
    years so drop me a line if you have time

  5. Hello, I was married to a G.I. and we were stationed at Pinder Barracks from 1975 to 1978. had a great time. I remember the Pizza Shack too!! lol lots of fun those days. My ex’s name is William Moss aka Wild Bill ….anyone remember him? He had a few cars he would keep in a fenced in area by the generator shop, one in particular, a Karman Ghia, and a volkswagon that we raced in the circle track at Monteith Barracks in Furth. Great times!!

  6. Hi everybody! I was in Pinder Barracks from Jan. 88 til May 90 in B Btry 6/1. First I was on a Howitzer for about 3 mths and then went to special weapons for a year. After that I was in Supply as truck driver and maintenance. I got married to a sweet german girl and had a beautiful daughter. I got out of active service in May of `90 and went back to state with my family. I still have contact with Luis Moore, but other than that, don’t have any contact with others. I now live in Nürnberg since Sept. `92 and work for the city of Nürnberg since `96. If anyone remebers me, free to contact me!

    See ya!


  7. Hallo all, we need your support please!

    My sister, Joen born in 1965, and me, Mark born in 1969 from Germany / Fürth-Nürnberg, we are looking for any informations about our Dad’s. When we were children, our mother told us only the best about our Dad’s, but nothing concretly. We know that she loved our Dad’s very strong, she never had another love all her life. To talk about this was very painful for her, so we stopped to ask since we were very young. Our wonderful mother, Lisa, died last year. God bless her!
    Now, we need your help!
    Our Dad’s Name are:
    Oliver Barry Flash and David Johnson, they was stationed at William-O. Darby Kaserne from 1964 to 1972. We would like to have any information what happened and if they died in Vietnam.
    Do anybody know something, or someone who was stationed at this time?
    Can you give us information which US-office we can asked for?
    We hope to get any answers and thank you all for your understanding.

    God bless you all.
    Best regards, Joen and Mark.

  8. I was stationed at WODK from early 1968 to April 1970 with the 182 LEM, (signal platoon) I believe I have done more than my fair share contributing to the German economy in the form of Marks for Beer! Ich habe Deutschland sehr viel genossen, der Army nicht so viel! Vielen dank mein sussen freudinnen.

  9. I was in Erlangen from December 1962 until December of 1964 in the 4th Armored infantry division. I drove the army personel carrier for the company comander. I was Crushed between two personel carriers in 1964 before I came back to the states. I had a broken pelvis and my back is not worth a hoot.
    I also had some great times when we went to town. I was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

  10. well i just wondered if anyone had heard from marlin grimm or from bill armstrong from company b 2/81 armor.

    like to hear more about the branson , ms
    get togeather , i cant down load thee info on my pc.

  11. Served from early 1972 till Dec. 74 in HHC 3/37 then 2/81. Drove a 5 ton in Support Plt. hauling all the treadheads around the tank trails. They called me Freak or Redfreak! Guess I was kinda wierd back then but I couldn’t resist the hash. Fellow truck drivers were Goose, Booblits, Tink so many others. Ran with Frenchy,Elia,TC Hudson etc. Would like to hear from anyone who served in that timeframe!!!

  12. Let’s get this thing rolling. I’m here to help out.
    US Army Recruiter
    Indianapolis, Indiana

  13. Looks like I’m second.
    Ferris Barracks
    Company C 2/81 Armor
    Erlangen Germany

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