Storck Barracks/Illesheim Kaserne is a United States Army facility adjacent to Illesheim, Germany, located about 15 miles northwest of Ansbach (Bavaria), about 240 miles south-southwest of Berlin.

Storck Barracks is part of the United States Army Garrison (USAG) Franconia. It is named after Colonel Louis J. Storck, who served as Executive Officer for the 4th Armored Division, Commander of Combat Command A and the 37th Armor Regiment, and S-3 and Commander of the 704th Tank Destroyer Battalion in World War II. Colonel Storck was awarded the Silver Star posthumously for his gallantry in action near Raids, France from July 17 to 25, 1944.

It is the home of the 2nd Battalion, 159th Aviation Regiment, and the 3rd Battalion, 159th Aviation Regiment, both equipped with the Boeing AH-64 Apache; D Co 412th Aviation Support Battalion (all units part of the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade) and the 3rd of the 58th Airfield Operations Battalion (AOB). It has a commissary (to be closed in March 2016), gas station, and shoppette. It also has an elementary school and family housing.

6 thoughts on “STORK BARRACKS

  1. I was there from November 1968 to September 71. 404 MP Co. I arrived as a 18 year old, grew up to be a man. Making E-5.
    It was a glorious experience and the army’s best kept secret.

  2. I was there from Dec. 1970 to Jan. 1972, A co., 2nd Bn., 51st Infantry, Tracked and wheeled vehicle mechanic. My friends and I would frequent the “Green Tree” (Gruner Baum) gasthaus in Bad Windsheim for foosball and schnitzel. It was located on Seegasse across the street from the church with the multi-colored steeple. It appears the “Green Tree” has been remodeled and is now part of a hardware store. I think about my Army days in Illesheim often.

  3. “silly illy”………..those were the good ole days in Germany. Too bad the wall came down in 89, this was the beginning of the end for US bases…the party was over, mission accomplished!

    1. Fifty years ago – I was there from 8 Nov ’71 – 18 Jul ’74 – HHC 4/35 Armor ‘The Iron Horsemen’…I was the S-2 clerk…the happiest damn time of my life – I’m 72 now

      1. Remember the Audio Club? My husband (fiancé then) opened ans managed it until May 73, when we returned to the States.

        1. I remember the audio club – when it opened – on payday the place was swamped…IIRC is was diagonally across from HHC 4/35 armor – or damn close to those barracks…I made E-5 on 1 May ’73 BTW…I also remember the German guy who came on post with his van – selling tapestries – always thought they were ‘cheesy’ but now am sorry I didn’t buy one – he was usually parked near the Audio club hoping to find buyers – but folks buying audio equipment usually spent their entire paycheck at the club (the day before payday the snack bar was deserted and the mess hall packed – on payday that was reversed- the good old days)

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