Patch Barracks was renamed from the German Kurmärker Kaserne in 1952; it was originally built for use by the German Army Wehrmacht in 1936/37. During World War II, it served as the headquarters and barracks for the Wehrmacht’s 7th Panzer Regiment with associated unit shooting ranges and training areas located at the nearby Panzer Kaserne (literally “tank barracks”). After the Second World War, Kurmärker Kaserne was temporarily occupied by French colonial troops. Subsequently, American troops took over the facility, which hosted the US Constabulary during the multilateral occupation of Germany following World War II. The US 7th Army was headquartered here from 1950 until 1967 when EUCOM was relocated to Patch from Camp-de-Loges near Paris, France. 7th Army relocated to Heidelberg.

10 thoughts on “PATCH BARRACKS

  1. My Dad was a Finance Officer and we lived at Patch Barracks from 1964-1966. I went to Boeblingen Elementary School and my Brothers and Sisters went to Ludwigsburg High School (Stallions). I remember we lived down the hill from the Officers Club at the time and there were “blown-out” Nazi Bunkers not far into the woods (Black Forest) from where we lived.

  2. I was there in 1967 with the MP Group and later sent TDY to Casteau, Belgium to help start the Nato/Shape support group.

  3. Came here from Camp-de-Loges near Paris, France with the 257 sig co, 1/67, when De Gaulle asked us to leave France.

    1. My dad was in the Army 578th sig Co. Patch Barracks. We were there from ’82-’85.

  4. Thank you, U.S. Military – Thank you, Patch Barracks. The first time I got on post Patch was back in 1984. I was a 14-year-old German national. I spent the best years of my life with BSA Troop 324 (Eagle Scout ’88) and the YS American Taekwondo Association program. I had so many friends at Patch who never treated my as an outside. I was always welcome and always strived to make the community a better place. I volunteered many hours and today I am glad did. The best time of my life! God bless you all!

    1. I remember you; I was your SPL at T324 in 86′. I aged out and left for college in 87′, but have stuck with Scouting as a leader ever since. Are you still in Germany?

  5. My first day at Patch Barracks was Memorial Day 1951. When I got off the train in Stuttgart, our military was in a parade. I was assigned to Headquarters Company and G2 CIC. I left for home late December 1953.

  6. I was station at panzer krs from 87 until 90 I enjoy my time at panzer and patch bks. I love the city and small town feel. Had many Germany friends in around boblingon I know it’s not spell correctly. But I love this place one of my best assignments.

  7. I loved it there! I was stationed there in 1983-86. Loved the full seasons and walking down to Mamas restaurant for snitzel and home fries. Anyone else there at that time?

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