Straddling the Main River, scenic Würzburg is renowned for its art, architecture and delicate wines. The definite highlight is the Residenz, one of Germany’s finest baroque buildings, though there’s plenty more to see besides. A large student population guarantees a lively scene, and plenty of hip nightlife pulsates through its cobbled streets.

10 thoughts on “WÜRZBURG GERMANY

  1. Beautiful city. I wasn’t stationed there but have visited my father-in-law who lived there.

  2. My husband served at Larson Barracks and we lived 10 minutes from Wurzburg. His tour started in Garlatadt/Bremerhaven but the government closed those posts soon after Desert Shield/Storm. Then back to FT. Hood, Texas.

  3. Served my last tour at Emery Barracks from 1968-1971, 3d Infantry Division DISCOM. Beautiful city, great people, hated to leave.

    1. Stationed with 3rd QM Co, 1959-1962, Sig Corp Parts’ Specialist. made E5 as a Team Ch of the RTTY rig. Grades greater thee E4 were scarce. Although working in the Div Supply Office as the Signal Supply Sgt for the Div.

    1. I was there from 1968-1971 in Signal Company up next to Hawk Site Emery Barracks

      1. You must have been with the 69th up by the Airfield, right? Not many of us around that served back then! Nice to meet you

        1. I was with the 69th from 70 to 72 but was stationed out in Bad Mergintine, we had to come into Wurzburg at the air field ever so often to our field units for training on the Q38 sys, we were a 125 man detachment and worked in the missile control center

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