Kitzingen is a town in the German state of Bavaria, capital of the district Kitzingen. It is part of the Franconia geographical region and has around 21,000 inhabitants. Surrounded by vineyards, Kitzingen County is the largest wine producer in Bavaria. It is said to be Franconia’s wine trade center.


4 thoughts on “KITZINGEN GERMANY

  1. I was a Platoon Leader and XO in Charlie Co, 10th Engineers, 3rd Inf Div in 1963-4. Headquartered in Kitzigen.
    Loved the food but could not take the unpasteurized beer.
    My platoon was often attached to infantry and armor battalions on field exercises. Spent a lot of time in the German countryside. Snow was often several feet deep. Jeeps are cold when it gets below zero.

    1. I was Post Engr at Kitzingen from 67-69 my sister-in-law met her husband at the Officer’s Club he was a Lt in the 10th Engrs, CO was Ltc Allen

    2. My father was stationed there in 1963, and we lived on base in the NCO quarters. We lived on the fourth floor. I think there was a series of four buildings with the playground in the front of the buildings. I was in the second grade.

  2. I was Post Engineer at Kitzingen 1967-1969 loved the town came back for a visit in 2019 and stayed at the old Officers Club now a hotel. The area around the Officer’s Club and BOQ’s is now an Equestrian Center.

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