Panzer Kaserne (German notation: Panzerkaserne) is a U.S. military installation in Böblingen, Germany, part of U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart. The post is administered by U.S. Army Installation Management Command-Europe (IMCOM-Europe), a legacy from its use as an Army installation since just after World War II. Panzer also hosts the headquarters of U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Europe & Africa (MARFOREURAF) and various Special Operations units of the Army and Navy supporting EUCOM and AFRICOM.

7 thoughts on “PANZER KASERNE

  1. Was at panzer 1972-1974 ground radar 17k30. CSC 4th battalion 73rd armor operated ground radar on check border lots of fun nights and foggy days . Spec 4 Gary Shepard McCann McCoy,David Goodwin Gary Hanson booker,Al Mogoson, lt bradford ,cpt nichols Tom hatton JT Young all great people Germany awesome. Sgt Tengram

  2. Hello,

    i am interested in visiting the Bierfest on September 17th and would like to gain Info on what is included in the fee of 15€.
    Thks for providing this information


  3. Was stationed at Panzer Kaserne from early 1970 to Jan 1971. I was a Communications Center Specialist (mos 72b). Loved Germany!! Been back twice.

  4. Was in PK Patch Barracks from 05-13, with travel with detachments. Had friends in Rhine Valley & in-laws up To NordSee. Food was good, Pilzen were great. I miss Deutschland and sorry to see what is occuring there.

  5. I was station there from 1963 to 1966 with the 97th signal corp enjoy my time there

  6. Me too – but only for 4 months early 1984. Moved over to Neu Ulm with the Forward Observers.

  7. I was stationed at Panzer Kaserne from 83 to 86 with C Trp. 1/4 Cavalry. Really enjoyed it there. Meet my wife there, she also was stationed there, we’ve been married 37 years now. Love that area of Germany🇩🇪 .

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