Something good is cooking in Germany. Most of these vendors cook up some really good stuff. You can find these vendors on almost every street downtown.


  1. Most of these places have some really good food. I’ve eaten from many of these vendors in downtown Nürnberg.

  2. My all time favorite was the Krakauer with pom frits and the Curry Ketchup. Some guys would get the mayo, but that wasn’t as good as the curry Ketchup I my opinion. Hose were the good old days, my friends .

    Richard (Dick) Hyatt Cwo, USA Retired. Sent from Mail for Windows

  3. I’ve ate at a lot of these places. Most of them have some great food. A lot of the time I ate at these in Markplatz in Nürnberg. Always loved going to that place and shopping at the various booths.

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