8 thoughts on “WARNER BARRACKS

  1. I served at Warner Barracks II from Oct 1974 to 11 November, 1977 as a platoon leader in G Trp, 2/2 ACR for a year, then XO of E Trp, 2/2 ACR for 6 months and then a year as Support Platoon Leader in HHT, 2/2 ACR. We spent 8 months out of each year either on border patrol duty, out in the field on training maneuvers, or at tank gunnery at Grafenwohr and Hohenfels. All of my Troop Commanders were Vietnam Veterans and were excellent. All of the 2/2 ACR Sergeants in the rank of SSG or above were Vietnam Vets and very professional ”lifers”. I learned just about everything I needed to know about being a good leader from those sergeants. I ran into several of them later in my Army career at stateside posts. Bamberg was a great place to serve. Loved the Rauch Bier (smoked beer) gasthaus down by the rathaus in the old city center. Went back there in 2002, 25 years after leaving in 1977, Some things hadn’t changed much but other things were gone completely. One of the old motor pools and tank/SP artillery parking areas was no longer there but was paved over and a memorial to the Bamberg soldiers killed in the Gulf War in 1991. Warner Barracks II was no longer a cavalry outfit but was field artillery. The place was like a ghost town as most of the unit was gone. My old Support Platoon motor pool hadn’t changed much at all–same fuel pumps were there!!! Charles J. Barr

  2. Anthony L. “TEX” McAuliffe
    B-6/10FA, then B-4/14FA (Maint)
    10Jan1987 to Dec1989.
    In light of events, now…maybe it was a DUMB idea of O’Bummer to close it down
    “Mission First!” Then “Rock’s Support!”

  3. Are the Warner Barracks still used today. I was stationed there in 1979-1980

    1. I visited on June 2022. I tried to enter the main gate but a German Policewomen told us it a German Police Academy (part of it.) Part of the post is used to house refugees. I was stationed there 1972-1974. The area where the PX was is all being demolished and rebuilt. The barracks by the main gate are all there and that’s where the police academy is. Sad to see.

    2. Hi Jerry, regrettably they are not used by the US Army anymore. German Federal Police uses about 85% of it, a small section (old housing area) is used to host refugees, maybe 10% (Lagarde Kaserne on Zollner Straße) is currently developed by the city of Bamberg to build housing and start-up businesses. Join this FB group for more pictures and info: https://www.facebook.com/groups/267030246744450

      1. Hi Simon, the German Federal Police only use 50% and the other 50% is for the refugees.

  4. Nice pages! Thank you for putting this together. Btw, unless you’re retired with absolutely no responsibilities at home, you do not want to leave the United States at the moment, as a negative Covid test is required for re-entry, even if you’re fully vaccinated.

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