The ‘Schloss’ itself was build in the mid 1600’s. Since the 1800’s it was used as a Kaserne. After WW2 the american forces took over the premisses. Many units were stationed here, including infantry, military police and the NCO academy of the 3rd arm. division. Because of its historic background, it was called ‘the oldest US installation in germany’. In 1991 the US army left Schloss Kaserne in Butzbach.


23 thoughts on “SCHLOSS KASERNE

  1. Was stationed with Co C, 3/36th Infantry, at Ayers Kaserne, Kirch-Göns, (The Rock) with 3rd Armored Division. Was there from March of 1973 until June of 1976. Spent quite a bit of time in Butzbach, even rented a room in Butzbach for a year from the family of one of the German workers at the American military snack bar at Ayers Kaserne.

    I turned 18, 19, and 20 while stationed there, my first tour, and have many memories of my time living and growing up there!

    I served three tours of duty in Germany in the 1970’s and 1980’s, totaling close to nine years altogether. While seeing photos jogs many wonderful memories, it’s somewhat hard seeing the current photos of all the abandoned facilities of places that were instrumental and formative in my past!

    1. Yup i couldnt recognize anything on recent pictures of the fort, its all gone

    2. We found a tunnel in the castle , it went 15 klics to another, We also dug up barried german arsenal on the fort .

  2. I was station in Butzbach from 1/77 until 5/79 A Btry 2nd 3rd Field Artillary loved Germany always wanted to go back.

    1. 2nd of the 3rd herd ,i was 1st 1st , 72-73 , love the town ,i had an apt by the town circle fountain, i have pics if i can find them , there is no pics of the old fort ,barracks posted , i need to find them , they painted the town up ,it use to be brown trim ,

    2. I was there 72-73 do you have any old pics of the fort Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device

    1. What is TDY and where was the academy , was it in 1st 1st HHB FOURTH FLOOR ?

  3. I was the Chief Nurse of the 31st Combat Support Hospital at Schloss-Kaserne from
    1974 until they closed our unit in 1975. Butzbach was a wonderful town with quaint shops and wonderful restaurants like Verbs.

  4. I was station Butzbach for 8 months prior to leaving for Vietnam in 67-68 with the 69 Sig Batt was S-4 driver for 3 months until I made E-5

      1. I was a dependent In Butzback in 1984-86 we where lived in the ameeican housing there. My dad though worked out at Giessen up autobahn. I also went to new built DOD high school, Giessen Griffins in 86.

      2. Im sure if the money wasnt stolen from the higher brass we would have ate better food.

  5. When my family lived in housing for American dependents up the hill I went to the movie theater for the Saturday afternoon matinees at Schloss Kaserne. My Dad was assigned to 3/33 Armor Bn. at Ayers Kasrrne, 1969 a 1972.

  6. I was stationed at WARNER KASERNE
    in Munich 1960-62
    A Co. 21st Inf.
    I would like to see more pictures of
    it from those days

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