Pinder Barracks was occupied by US Forces from 1945 to 1995. Pinder has been torn down (minus the tower and guard house) and new construction is underway for the new Pinder Park.



31 thoughts on “PINDER BARRACKS

  1. Was at Pinder 77-79, hhb 1st armored div/arty, survey. best of my 6 years in the army

  2. I was at Pinder from 72-75 with HHB Divarty was a cook and left to be a RATT operator was still at Pinder all that time. When I PCS they sente all the way out to Ft. lewis Washington for 4 months

    1. We was moved there in 1963 & 1964 in A battery Honest John Missel I was the battery commander driver I left in 1964 went back home to Kansas Thanks

        1. Thanks may the one that left in 63 & 64 mite be gone by now I will be 82 in about a month

        2. Was there 81-83 HHB 6/14 FA. Was a great 2 years. Miss all the guys…Spurlock, Stebo, Lt. Lees… many days spent on Tac 5 at Graf….13F Forward Observer

    1. I left Pinder in ’68. Was Bubs and Mom’s guesthouses still open when you were there?

    2. I was at Pinder Barracks, from 1977-1979 am=nd 1981 – 1984, enjoyr=ed eb=very minute of it.

      1. Hello Mark MY name is Steve Madrid I was at Pinder from 1975 to 1978 I was in A btry 6/14 F.A. I was in the maintenance section I remember your name rings a bell if it`s you you were also assigned to A btry

  3. I was station at Pinder Barracks from June 1975 to January 1977, 1st Bn 22nd Field Artillery. MSG Roger W. Beamon

  4. I was in A BTRY 1/22 FA 1972-1974 assigned as 36K then promoted to 31E before rotating back to Fort Sill as a 13E with B BTRY 3/18

  5. Was there 71 to 73. We moved to Merrell Barracks in 73 while they redid it. HHB 6/14th FA

    1. I was in HHB 6/14th FA from 80-83 Then went to primary MOS from 83 until I left in 84. I started out as the Legal Clerk after taking that on as my secondary MOS in 77.

    2. I was there from 73-76 during move from Merrell Bks to Pinder Bks, HHB 6/14 FA, Bn. Commo section.

  6. Stationed there from 1980 – 1984. 6th of 14th Field Artillery Loved Germany.

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