5 thoughts on “PINDER BARRACKS

  1. I was in A BTRY 1/22 FA 1972-1974 assigned as 36K then promoted to 31E before rotating back to Fort Sill as a 13E with B BTRY 3/18

  2. Was there 71 to 73. We moved to Merrell Barracks in 73 while they redid it. HHB 6/14th FA

    1. I was in HHB 6/14th FA from 80-83 Then went to primary MOS from 83 until I left in 84. I started out as the Legal Clerk after taking that on as my secondary MOS in 77.

  3. Stationed there from 1980 – 1984. 6th of 14th Field Artillery Loved Germany.

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