16 thoughts on “O’BRIEN BARRACKS

  1. I was station there from 1978 to 1981 with BCo 1st Squadron 1st Cav had a lot of good times there meet a lot of great guys i was stationed with. like to know if anyone remembers being there during this time.

  2. Thought I would put in my 2cents since I found this site. ( actually the wife found it.) I was from July 73- Feb 77 in the 1st platoon B troop 1/1 Cav. Went through 3 CO’s. Tom Nester ( training NCO) Bubbles ( platoon leader) and 2nd CO Capt. Murphy were great mentors for me. They were gone before it was reenlistment time and my 3rd CO Captain Beals was a ……… so of course that changed my attitude real quick about staying in. I got married here and when it was time to be discharged the wife my 3 month old daughter and myself went back to Florida for 5 years. We (I) decided we would move back to Germany, so we did in September 1981 and have lived in Nuremberg ever since. Have no regrets:-)
    I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas and I wish each and everyone of you a happy and healthy 2023

  3. Spent my time at O’Brien barracks from 1970 to 1972. 2/59 AD B Battery. Was a driver on a Vulcan B33 The Beast. That was 50 years ago, yet I still think about my time there . At the time I didn’t like being in the Army, but today I regard it as one of the best times in my life. Sure would like to hear from someone who was there at that time.

    1. I was 2/4 cav from 1/3/69 thru 1/2/71. training clerk then training nco. really liked my tour in schwabach/ germany.

      1. Life in the Army barracks. Who could forget that! Party time or the ultimate boredom. Everyone got a taste of both. Greg Babbitt has a real nice photo showing life in the barracks. It stirs up a lot of memories for me. Although we’ve never meet it’s a memory we both share. Now that we’re up there in age we’re short timers once again. Take care!

    2. Was with B Battery 2/59 ADA from formation at El Paso till 1971, when I re-upped. I remember the training at White Sands, and loading up to move to Germany. I was the 52 Delta guy. I was responsible for the power generators on the Vulcans. Ended up going aviation for remaining of 20 years. Enjoyed most times at O’Brien. Still have beer mug and unit picture from time in Schwabach. Ended up retiring from the Space Shuttle program after retirement from the Army. Live in Louisiana.

  4. I was the squadron legal clerk and was surprised to see my old yellow BSA parked in front of my HHT barracks.

    1. I was the SQ mail clerk .I remember you .I have a picture of me sitting on it . It was a BSA 441 VIctor and you were from California. Are you still there ? I live in Alabama.

      1. Ron! I remember you vividly. I’m in Reno, Nevada now and still on bikes. Hope you are doing well.

  5. Hallo and Hi there!

    At first, thank you for this Site! It´s an amazing experience, for looking at those old Photographs! And to hear Stories from Army Veterans, served in and around Schwabach! I am Schwabach born and raised, and my Father and Uncle had a bunch of American Friends who served in Obrien Barracks in the Mid to Late 70s. Both are looking especially for two Guys: A Guy called Smitty (He was from New Jersey), and the other Guy was called Spider. Maybe someone could possibly help?! I am really interested in Photographs ( All Decades) from the Obrien Barracks! Maybe someone of you knows the former “Ranch Bar” in Obermainbach?

    Sorry for my English…Thank you all for serving

    Vielen Lieben Dank…Dankeschön 🙂 and greetings from Schwabach

  6. Hi to all Haven’t been on in quite a while. Was at Obrien bks in Schwabach 1959 and 60. C troop 15th cav 4th ad. Sounds like things have changed a lot since then. It was a good place to be back then and hope that it still is. Oldest son (now deceased) was born in Nurnberg army hospital 12-16-59. Feel free to contact me. Noticed another Horner from Baton Rouge–I’m in Monroe. Kin ???? John

  7. Never was stationed at Merrell Barracks, but went there a lot to pick stuff up for my company at Ferris Barracks in Erlangen. It wasn’t really that far form Ferris to Nürnberg.


  9. I’m looking for my father who was in Old brian Barricks in Schwabach and
    the name is Andy Anderson, and my mother’s name is Hildegard Bayer and
    know that my father, my mother got a girl and it was in 1974, I was
    born and already looking for him everywhere , the only thing I know he lives in Washington, DC
    wants to include Konakt with my father

    I need help to find him

    and my Mom is Hildegard Hellen Bayer

  10. WOW! I never knew this site existed. I’ve checked out the old barracks a couple of times on GOOGLE Earth and knew it didn’t look the same as I remembered it. Anyway, I arrived in Schwabach in March 75 I believe. I came over short, with only 18 months left in service so I went back to the real world in October 76. I loved most of my time there and have a lot of great memories. I recognize the guy in the front row center of the cook’s picture from Thanksgiving dinner 75. I was in “C” troop, 1/1 I believe. I was in the barracks directly across the street from the PX, whatever troop that was. Some guys I can remember, I think, are Dan Jimmerson from Quapaw, OK., a guy that came in the Army from the USMC by the name of Wagoner, I believe there was a SGT. Bilko if memory serves. Others will come to me, I’m sure. Anybody out there that remembers me, holler back. I was an E-5 infantry squad leader w/2 m-113’s in my squad. There is a lady that has signed the book whom I believe was married to a Conales. Well, my platoon Sgt. was Sgt. Conales and we had another guy, shorter guy with a black mustache was an E-5 Conales, also. As a matter of fact, I believe the younger Conales’ dad had served with the Plt. Sgt. Conales in ‘Nam if I’m not mistaken. So, I’ll touch base again when my memory clicks a little better. Any of my friends out there? Let me hear from you….BUCK

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