1. I have a son born in Nurnberg hospital in 1981. He had the choice of being a U.S. citizen
    or a German Citizen when he turned 18.

  2. My son Michael was born at Nurnberg Hospital in 1968. My husband was captain Roland Nesi, MD. We were stationed at Ferris Barracks in Erlangen where Dr. Nesi was one of the doctors there.
    I remember Erlangen with fondness and all the nice friends we made there. Unfortunately, my husband passed a ling time ago.

    1. Christina, did your son, Michael, receive American citizenship automatically, having been born in Nurnberg Hospital or did you have to complete paperwork for him to receive an American birth certificate? I will be so grateful if you could answer this soon! If anyone else reads this and can answer the question, I’ll also be very grateful!

      1. You asked me if my son Michael received US citizenship even though he was born in Nurnberg hospital. He did, and I never had to fill any paperwork for him. I believe the hospitals and all barracks in Germany were considered American territories. Sorry it took me a while to answer you.

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